Day 540: Wood splitter


I got a wood splitter today.  

Oh yeah, you heard me, a machine that splits large pieces of wood without there being any chance of me putting an axe through my own leg.  

I try to avoid situations where I could put an axe through my own leg as much as possible, likely you have the same philosophy, and this unexpected boon that was delivered to my yard today via  the bucket of a tractor pretty much assures that won't happen.

This gave me renewed energy in the continuous battle with nature I have going on outside, and with that to light a fire under my ass, I managed to get quite a bit of work done today, given the fact the whole adventure started late. 

I started late because I didn't sleep at all last night. Blaze was a hot mess. I had to get up three separate times, yes, three separate occasions when I had to pull him out of his crib and rock him back to sleep.

I didn't break this time, I was as diligent as I possibly could have been, given the near drunken state I was in (I speak of fatigue still, I'm not much of a drinker) I stuck to my own plan of breaking him of the bad behaviors that essentially I've created. But I had to do it 3 times.. I really don't know how much I slept.

Jeannette and her mom, blessed souls that they are, allowed me to sleep in a little bit longer, so my day got started unusually late and was just kind of wonky from the get go, yet ended up being pleasantly efficient from there. 

I got the splitter from my neighbor. I was walking Hubble today and ran into him, and we had another nice chat. He asked me what I was burning for wood and I told him my predicament. He offered his wood splitter and then brought it up a little while later in his tractor.

I've already used it and it's a dynamo of a machine. Since he doesn't need it and probably won't be down for the rest of the week I've got it all to myself and an opportunity to get a lot of work done with Jeannette's mom here to help her out. 

I used a stopwatch today to monitor my own activity. I worked on the book today and was only able to get an hour of work done on it, but it certainly was speedy progress. I'm already seeing much better organisation from myself given the amount of memory work I've been doing.

That's the great thing about memory work of course, it's literally working your brain every single day, which inevitably will display itself in all areas of your life. 

I then went outside to get some work done with the wood later in the afternoon while Jeannette and her mom and young master Blaze were out gallivanting around looking for shoes for him. I set my watch for another hour just to judge how much I can get done; you know, trying to keep track of what I'm capable of for the first time in my 38 years of life  ( for shame ). Anyway, Jeannette and her mom arrived with a cafe mocha about 4 minutes into my work, so I paused my timer and obviously went inside.

I'd split one piece of wood. 

Look, you've got to pace yourself guys, when you've been out of the game for a while. ...We'll call it a warm up.

So I went in and chatted with them for a while, then went back out and threw some wood around until it was time to go back inside and shovel some food into my face... in as spiritual a way as possible of course. Then I went back outside and did some more work; I told you I'm inspired by my new machinery! It's literally like I have a robot working with me, albeit with the personality of an anvil, but certainly is handier than anything I've seen Japan roll out in the last few years. 

Tomorrow Jeannette has a doctors appointment that her mom and her will be going to, young master Blaze will be at my mothers house hanging out with them for the afternoon while I continue working on what I need to get done before baby number 2 comes. Very slowly the years of the soft lifestyle of a performer are beginning to get scraped off my body. I definitely now see this yard as an extension of the brain I have inside my head: full of weeds, with some large pieces of clear cut and chainsawed down old ideas, sprinkled with some useful resources, and some very slow moving good intentions.

Nevertheless, I'm a very stubborn organism; if you know me at all you can surely attest to this. Once I have my teeth and something I can't stop shaking my head back and forth until I snap it off and devour it. I'm still speaking in metaphorical terms of course.

I stayed away from the news today, so I have no idea what's happening in the world out there. I hope you're all doing very well and that nothing terrible has happened, though I recognize that can change on a day-to-day basis these days. We did have a gas shortage the last few days, the early signs of some province wide panic, but everything got sorted out. Still, a good time to become more well acquainted with the natural, renewable resources we have access to out there.

That's it for tonight.

Be well munks.

Note: This entry was mostly dictated, while walking around my wood splitter in the dark!