Day425 Mothers Day


Happy mothers day to all you mothers out there. If I didn't believe you deserved your own day before I witnessed the birth of my son, I most certainly did afterwards. Quite a thing you all do that day, when a new human comes sliding out from betwixt your legs. Imagine it! A whole new little human, an entire galaxy of cells working in concert that will eventually grow up to be someone who gets up to all kinds of shit!

Forget a day for such an achievement, you should have a week. A month! A year!!! 

Perhaps you think a year is too much for the mothers out there, but I say it's the least we can do; one of them being the reason you're even able to read this blog tonight, regardless of what your relationship might be with her at present. And really, would the world not be a much better place if we had the welfare of our mothers in mind on a daily basis? Naive, I suppose, to think that everyone has such positive things to say about their mother. I was a comedian and an actor and a hockey player, so trust me, I know lots of people with mommy issues. And with those people, of which I am familiar, they wouldn't understand the desire for a world celebrating the gift of motherhood for anything more than a day per year. 

Yet surely even they would admit that their own maternal issues aside, the very act of being a mother is a miraculous thing. The act of giving birth, to a creature quite incredibly challenging, I can tell you from experience; a writhing thing that will test every bit of you and have you up nights wondering if it's going to keep breathing, or if a cold will go south... or a myriad of other things - the act of creating, and then storing, and then delivering into the world that little wonder of an organism that will change the rest of your life.. that act of life is a pretty amazing achievement when you consider how difficult and dreary this world can sometimes be. 

So yes to Mother's Day, I say., and perhaps a bit more sensitivity to the strivings and heavy weights endured by all of our mothers everywhere, as they watch their kids grow up in THIS world, of all worlds, a world that takes kids away much sooner by inundating its presence into pretty much every facet of their world from the time they can hold a phone. It's nothing to worry about, mom's out there. I firmly believe there's a steady path forward, through that digital mess out there. It's just going to take a bit of time to sort through. 

For our mothers day we went over to my parents place and spent the day with them. I'd gotten my mother a card, from both myself and from Blaze; that's two cards.. that's how we roll. We don't skimp on cards over here on the mountain. I then realized I hadn't gotten Jeannette a card yet, and she quite likes cards you see, so I was trying early to formulate a plan of how to get away for a second to correct this oversight. The opportunity came when after we arrived at my parents place she went up to take a nap. 

I bolted down and got her a card, and then, because I'm extra sweet you see -and felt guilty for only getting her a card on the day- I bought her a present. A wooden figurine of a mother holding her baby, to match the one I'd gotten her of a pregnant woman and her chiseled male companion (.. he was literally chiseled.. from wood..). She was quite pleased when I gave it to her, then figured it all out later when she asked me when I'd filled up the tank in the car. She's like Sherlock Holmes this one. I think I may have pursed my lips at the question and from that she deduced the entire thing. "You bought it for me at the drug store didn't you??" 


We went out for a lobster dinner at around 5 and ate a pretty sweet feast of seafood right on the water. It had been sunny and quite warm down in the valley but as soon as we drove over the mountain it was a pretty dense fog. The tide was in so at least we got to see some water. We also saw the largest lobster I've seen in real life. As you can see from the picture Blaze was quite unfazed by the size of the beast, and seemed confident that with his four extra pounds and opposable thumbs he would make short work of it should he be pitted against it in any kind of a gambling situation. 

I assured him we were not those types of people and that the only animal he may ever have to fend off in any way is Hubble. He seemed pleased with that exchange so we left. After that we went back to my parents place and watched Game of Thrones. Poor, poor, courageous, Sir Barristan. 

Jeannette made us pause it halfway through to go get ice cream. Why? Because it's mothers day, that's why. I also had to change all of Blaze's diapers today. Why? Cause it's mothers day! That's why!! 

Perhaps it's a good thing it is only a day.