day339 "grimm valentine's day murder plot foiled"

50213. #HalifaxMurderPlot

50213. #HalifaxMurderPlot

Grimm. The show. We're watching it right now.

It's not my choice, nor is Jeannette overly invested I think, but she's feeding the kid and I'm writing this blog entry and the TV is on in front of us.  

It gets me excited, watching this show..not because I've suddenly found a new series to dig into, it's not quite my style, but rather because the level of graphics and production quality is easily doable with just the equipment you can buy at your local online corner store. This is a motivational thing to see when you've just spent the majority of your day working on creating a company capable of this very thing... only better. 

I spent a lot of time on skype today, talking about the idea and the company itself with my partner and a friend and am happy to report that things are looking great. I think I'm making good use of all the snow and weather warnings by getting things into clearer focus and am getting the idea under control. There's still a lot to work out of course, and one idea is leading to another and another and it's still been tricky to organize it all, but that's what I've been doing most of my work on lately. Organization. 

Its an interesting process, putting something like this together, made more interesting by the fact I have little knowledge of what it requires or what to do next. But I'm on the right track and know how to do all the really important stuff very well indeed.

So we start at a very good location at the entrance to this murky forest of uncharted territory deep inside the concrete jungle... and we plod along. 

Speaking of jungles, did you happen to catch the news item regarding the mass murder plot that was foiled about an hour and a half away from me in Halifax? The plan was to open fire in a public location on Valentine's Day, with heavy ammunition and the intention of taking out as many people as possible.

The police broke it up and have all three suspects in custody. There was a fourth, a 19 year old, but he's dead. Presumably he was shot by someone other than police earlier today in the wee hours of the morning. That's how I understand it to have happened. The other three, thanks in large part to the tip, were taken into custody shortly afterward.

The police are saying that it's not "culturally" motivated, and will neither confirm nor deny the intended act had been conceived under the banner of "terrorism", but what a thing to have been a day away from happening. Well done to the authorities for breaking up this unfortunate aberration in our usually quiet and peaceful province. 

Is anywhere quite and peaceful? 

Tomorrow we're heading in to see my sister and on the way we'll stop in at my parents place to pick up my computer. That's right, you heard me, my new iMac has arrived! my parents place. Because no one delivers technology out here. Yet. 

These plans could all get tossed out the window if the weather doesn't cooperate with us so we'll have to wait and see. For now, those are our plans.  

I have little more to say regarding today, other than the fact that Blaze is well and Jeannette is dealing with the new one well enough. She's made more pudding cake however, despite me telling her not to!! I'm a butterball as it is already but she ignored my plea and takes into account my complete and utter lack of willpower when it comes to pudding cake not at all. 

And so this entry ends as it began.