day328: The day that went.. somewhere. #thumbed #late

I wish I could tell you where it went, this day, today, the 2nd day of February, but I'm quite sure I can't.

There was a lot of snow, I recall that, thick pellets of snow raining down on my already blanketed wood out in the driveway and blowing all over the place no matter what you try to do with it.

In addition to the snow it was very cold outside and due to these two dominant factors of the day, we weren't able to leave the house. As a result Blaze received no shots today, so if there is any polio lingering in the yard tonight, we'd better keep the windows closed.

Note: I'm not a doctor.

Other than that I don't know that I can tell you much about today. I wrote a couple of emails, did a bit of work, talked Jeannette out of running out into the woods, tearing her hair and eyes out, and just taking a Tylenol for her nausea and headache. That did little to assuage Blaze's difficulty levels I'm afraid.

As to my inability to remember where all the hours went, all I can say is that I've been up since 8:30 and slept very little the night before. I would also postulate a guess that the memory trouble is due to the fact that the frigid temperatures outside have kept my brain at a constant below freezing temperature making it impossible to retain any short term memories.

It's a working theory. Who can say?

The reasoning behind Jeannette's frustrations are less than straightforward and not as easily remedied. I can always warm my brain up in order to start remembering things again, but she's stuck here with me and blaze, at least for now, and about to go through the whole tiring painful process all over again.  


We've decided to pull the trigger on some help. I'm going to proposition my niece, let me finish, with the offer a job. Assistant to the traveling secretary, or something. We'll figure out what her job description is as we go. There will certainly be some baby watching but there will also be a lot of work for ol' captain production company over here.  

It's like I've always said.. that famous motivational speaker Anthony Robbins always says, you've got to act as if you're already there. To be a success you have to spend like a success.  I don't know, I'm sure he words it much better but it's something like that and I'm sure you get the general idea. 

Oh, I also worked out today. That's likely affecting my energy levels right now as well. It was a grim session that my legs are currently paying for by burning, and throbbing, and burning. Grim indeed. 

It has to be done. I'm feeling the pull toward fitness again. We'll have to see if I haven't already become too fat to be pulled in any direction at all, the jury is still out on that, but I can tell you it felt good to get back at it today. 


much later.. 

Its now 1:30am and I've just done a silent and deadly ninja assault feed on the kid. Jeannette is in rougher shape than she was earlier or yesterday and is really getting put throgh the ringer with this one so daddy is trying to anticipate her needs. Vis a vie, the feeding of young master blaze, which just happened. I managed to do it all without him screaming a single note.

Anticipation and preparation, dear readers. That's all it takes. ..until I'm in the weeds with him again and at my wits end. At that point I'll take any advice you've got. 

The snow on my bedroom balcony door is almost piled up to the door knob. The balcony is directly above the living room. If this turns to rain we might be in some trouble. I guess we'll just avoid the living room for a while. #DontTrustThisHouse

nite munks. |mp