day319: "The day I risked my life for Chinese food"

060124.2238 #day

060124.2238 #day

Is it over? My commitment to writing earlier in the day? Have I given up already??  

No. I shouldn't think so. It was a matter of poor routine following that undermined my best intentions today. Once again, the infant monkey proved too wrench-like for daddy to have any kind of structured day. A day that began at 6:30, with Blazer shrieking in my face.  

He just wouldn't sleep. We're doing what we can but were quickly falling behind. Jeannette has a kinked neck, I'm not getting the sleep I need to really make the green in my eyes pop, we're barely holding it together over here!! 

This morning, if you can call it that at such an ungodly hour... which many do; farmers and whatnot. This morning he woke up for his last feed, as he usually does around 5:30, fed and then just wouldn't settle after that.

I don't know how this kid runs. Batteries. Solar. Hydro. It can't be a system that has anything to do with sleep. Because he just doesn't do that. 

Or perhaps he does, it's just during the day while his sleep deprived daddy stumbles wearily around the house trying desperately to earn some kind of living so he can keep his family alive whilst the little prince sits slumped over his exersaucer fast asleep, saving his energy and recharging his own batteries for another sleepless nighttime musical chairs session. 

So I was up at 6:30 with him in the basement watching Charlie Rose. Jeannette got up as well and after he drifted off a bit in the chair with me she took him and tried to get him back down for a while in the crib. That's when I took my cue, dropped any glassware I might have been holding and collapsed forward onto the floor where I stood and remained there, unconscious and drooling, until after noon.  

I believe the next time Jeannette saw me she took one look at me, pointed, and instructed young Blaze that this is what 'zombies' look like. Indeed. 

I did get good work done today but it was once again on the production company instead of book work, the website design in particular. I also did a bit of strategizing with Jeannette on some of the creative points and then got to work on the white board. 

Things are coming together nicely. I've realized this is essentially the idea I had before leaving Los Angeles that was the main thrust of me believing I no longer had to be there.

The DIY style of everything these days allows for something this drastic. And why not take charge of your own creative life? Why not find like minded people in your area and beyond, connect with them, and then support each other in whatever way benefits all parties involved? 

The Internet of things is close!.  

I just wish I was a little better at having an idea of how long things take. That'll come once I establish all the steps involved in all the various processes. And that knowledge can only come once you've walked each path at least once already.  

Diligence seems to be the only effective solution against the paralysis of ignorance. You just keep pounding away until what you're trying to do makes sense, and what you've made sense of becomes second nature. Then you're rolling, as they say in rap music. 

After I worked Jeannette asked me to risk my life for some Chinese food. At first she wanted to risk all our lives for all-you-can-eat-sushi/thai?.. at a place even further away, but I was able to steer her toward the better option of all possible perilous choices by citing the weather and my own expendable nature.  

It's not just rainy, you see. It's slush, falling from the sky, followed by snow and then rain, and then white sludge that might have been all three mixed together with some pollution and general tar. All the while the air hovering just over the freezing mark keeping the entire slippery mess from turning into a metal smashing hockey rink. 

Out into that weather I set forth. The mountain roads were brutal and I had to straddle the middle of the road most of the way, which wasn't a problem given the absence of any other idiots out driving through the weather.  

So she got her food and I didn't die by sliding off the North mountain in my Honda Pilot.

The food was totally worth it by the way. I haven't trusted Chinese food much. Not since it almost killed Jeannette in Ottawa and served me up bloody chicken wings the next time out after that. But our options were limited tonight by barren cupboards and an under the weather Jeannette. 

If it's the choice between slick mountain roads and trying to concoct something myself for her and I to eat, I'll go down that dangerous Chinese food winter trail any day of the week and twice on Sunday.  

Yeah that's right. Brunch AND dinner.