day318: the #darkWoods

050123.2242  #roughNews

050123.2242 #roughNews

A late one again tonight. old times. 

I had moments of anxiety all day, after deciding to hold off on an entry until tonight, thinking I'd forget to write it now that I've established a new early morning gladiator routine. That's the downside of leaving the blog until the pm hours. When you have a baby and have as much to do as I do delaying into the nighttime hours is a dangerous proposition indeed. The prospect of dozing off and forgetting looms larger as the night goes on. 

And yet it's my modus operandi must of the time.

What can I say? I like to walk a fine line.  

I'm in bed now, waiting for Hubble to lick my toes -I can assure you it is a therapeutic exercise and nothing more, one that I loathed up until a short while ago. Now I pretty much shove my feet in his face when he gets up on the bed for the night.  

Consequenses of invading my nighttime space. He'll get over it. 

Blaze is asleep and Jeannette is getting there. She had a rough day. Her father is not well. He's not been well at the best of times, in our usual understanding of the term, but now he's much less so and the news was a little grim and frustratingly sporadic.  

I was going to be getting together with a couple of old friends to discuss possible involvement in my burgeoning production company but I rescheduled for a time to be determined later. Jeannette needed some tlc tonight.  

Literally, we must have watched Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg at least a dozen and a half times in between feedings with the shrieking spawn.

Also I just talked to her. Filled the air with words that hopefully in their very existence were helpful to her in some way. If only to take her mind away from itself and down whatever rambling path I took it on. 

Talking. It's much better than thinking.. most of the time. 

We watched a couple of Modern Family episodes and then tucked into a viewing of the movie Clue.  One of my all time favourites.

As a side task she held Blaze and tried to mesmerize him by shushing him into oblivion, and I puttered with the website design of the show/production company thingy. Yet another thing I would love to have someone else do!!! ...but for now I will use my abilities to get the basic materials together myself so that I don't have to wait insane amounts of time for other people to come through. 

That was what I did most of the day actually, was work on the writing of my pitch materials; which is to say, the wording of the idea to the various people I want to tell it to..  

I found it helps to get the mind to focus on bringing all the disparate ideas together in a concise and entertaining manner of communication. Picturing the various types of people you will one day be talking to. A skill I learned in standup and honed over a lot of years practicing the art. Visualization of a kind. Putting yourself in the shoes of the audience. 

That then flowed rather nicely into some design work on the website I'm looking to launch along with the video content we're going to start creating.  

I may have to chat with my partner in all this as we may need to get someone to help with the build of the site. It's just really time consuming. Doing all the visual graphics as well. While also having to figure out a monetization strategy. While being forced to use it in a way it likely wasn't meant for. And yada yada yada I'm tired. 

My wood situation concerns me. I'll say nothjng more than that knowing full well it's not a particularly interesting thread to anyone but me.. and perhaps my fellow woodfolk readership.  

It's going fast. I have tarp on everything outside now and brought at least the remaining old stuff inside. All I can do at this point.  

It was a gorgeous day here but I was in the basement during most of it. I'm happy with the work I got done... I accidentally wrote "finished" instead of "done" there. Laughable mistake since I don't foresee this little project of mine being finished in any way ever. But my careless thumbs can dream from time to time I suppose.  

Free country.  

I feel there were more things to say than that, after the day I've had. Surely there were more events and their aftermaths. I mean there was the sad news that came tonight but there's no reason to dwell in that at present. There's still a lot we don't know. And what we do know is positive considering the circumstances. Good things.  

But the news informed the choice of the picture for tonight's entry for sure. An uncomfortable presence, death. I don't pretend to understand it but I can easily say I'm not a big fan in what I know of its nature and temperament. I'm glad that Jeannette's father has battled it off once again, though for those who know and care about him, they're all left feeling like they're standing in the middle of their own dark forest. I know I do. 

Tomorrow I have no plans. Work day then.  

Nite munks. |mp