Day 613: Whirlwind


I literally just got halfway done the entry from tonight and safari quit on me again. This is too grim to even complain about. It’s 1:12am and I have a tired babysitter waiting for me to get this done and get the hell out of the basement so that she can come down and sleep. I just put Jeannette and Zena to bed, Blazer is already there as well, all of us getting back from the shows tonight only about ten minutes ago. We’re all zonked. It was an exceedingly long day. 

The shows tonight went well. There was a good turn out, more for the early show as expected, but the second crowd was much looser and probably so was I. The first show was a bit of a rough start as when I got out there and started getting into it I suddenly realized that I felt just about ready to pass out. No joke. Maybe seven minutes in. I was so focused on the material and the audience and all the details you should never be thinking of when starting a show… and completely didn’t realize just how hot it got in there. Some people actually had to walk out and get some air. I didn’t notice it literally until I started to feel myself get wobbly. I had that little panicked voice inside my head go… YOU’VE GOT TWO SHOWS TO GO!! Couldn’t afford to pass out so I just sat on the stool and kept plowing forward. Afterwards no one was the wiser, but it was touch and go there for a second. 

I never sweat on stage but I certainly did tonight. 

I didn’t have an ending when I walked out on stage for the first show. No joke. Jeannette and I were trying to figure something out on the way over, and had come to something or other, but by the time the show rolled around I couldn’t remember what it was so I just figured it would come to me. That’s never a good idea for me to do. I ended up getting something out but it certainly wasn’t smooth and not something I’ll likely ever close on again, but by the time the second show came around the ending was much better and inspired a bit of an applause break that I was actually able to close on. So that worked out quite well. In fact the entire second show was a lot smoother, though I blame only myself and the rust that had accumulated on me over the past couple of years. Still, it was good to get out and perform again. I had none of the same baggage from the early days. 

That was the big difference I noticed in myself, was just the comfort on stage. I also had no nerves before the show, despite everything going on. By the sounds of it Jeannette and my mother were far worse than I was. My mom always tenses up at the idea of hecklers. For Jeannette it was more the fear that I didn’t have an ending. As for me, I just did a bit of light breathing before the show, a bit of sitting meditation maybe ten minutes before getting up and that was it. I went over my time the first show as my watch did something stupid and I didn’t keep track of the time. So I did an hour and twenty minutes. I did about the same for the second show. It was a much different style than I’ve ever done, for sure, and so there was a bit of a learning curve with that, but overall I’m pretty happy with how well I was able to remember everything, and perform it, given all the surrounding challenges… which admittedly, I put on myself for seemingly no reason. I think I just had to get out there and get something out. That was the trick and so for that I was successful. 

Another success was the tech guy working my show wanted to talk to me immediately after the first show and echoed a lot of the things I was talking about regarding wanting to set up a production community around here. Just go fully rogue. Him and I will meet up in the next couple of weeks to discuss it more and he booked me to headline his December show on the 5th. That’s the beauty of having all this new material, I now have an ample amount of material to get up on stage with, should that be the route I take. 

I’m a zombie right now. 

Overall I’m happy with the show and can’t believe how helpful my family was. The kids did great in the green room, though Zena wasn’t a big fan and cried a lot. Otherwise the theatre itself was great and I would definitely do more shows there. A lot of people came out that I knew though I wasn’t really able to talk to them. I really didn’t see anyone, which probably isn’t surprising considering I literally had about fifteen minutes between sets. So then 2 hours and 40 minutes of performing with a 15 minute intermission. What the hell was I thinking???

Go big or go home guys. That’s the motto over here on the north mountain. 

But now, I will go to bed.