Day 612: Nooooooooooo!!


Not today. No, no, no, not today.
This of all days, this of all days!!
Blog entry... lost, due to Safari crash. 

I’m horrified guys, truly. At a loss for words. I have nothing left in the tank. I’d literally written my signiture to finish it off and now here we are again, starting over, with neither the time nor the desire to try to duplicate what I wrote. Oh! Oh!! The agony!! It was a decent little entry as well, given how utterly flumoxed I am at this point in time, having gotten up at the ripe old hour of 5:30 and done a very fun hour of radio, and then came home and worked and worked and worked, stopped, took a breath, and then kept working and working and working... 

Until now, about five minutes prior to the writing of these words, when I thought I’d finished it all up and was about to go to blessed bed. 

No longer. 

Nope. I’m now forced to re-write this. Or try to write something, before I am freed from this desk and allowed to collapse. I might not get to bed anymore. Not after this. I had timed it just about perfect, expecting to coast into bed on just about empty, just as my legs fully gave out from under me and the synapses all just lost the energy to fire from inside the brain meat at all.

Dead weight, collapsing down into a soft bed, only to rejuvinate once again and get up ready for battle again tomorrow. Not so. Now I’ll be lucky if I don’t fall asleep in the middle of the basement steps heading up. Oh sure Jeannette will bring a pillow for me, maybe some ice for when I come to and the bruises from the stairs start to swell, but it’ll be hellishly awkward for our babysitter Megan, who has to sleep in the basement and will have to literally step over me to get to sleep herself. 

I suppose I can simply thank K-rock for supporting me and the show this week.

That’s a good place to try to recapture. The am host Darrin is a great dude and one of the better radio hosts I’ve dealt with. He actually lets you talk and is capable of some good conversation in between on-air bits as well. We were like a couple of old ladies over a game of bridge for most of the morning. I stuck around for another half hour or so just to chat. I’m sure I’ll head in there a lot more in the coming months, as these shows of mine start to roll out. Super supportive group over there.

I’m sure if I had done any other promotion myself, was there time for that, the ticket sales on line might have been a little better. It’s still looking good for tomorrow mind you, as I’m told foot traffic should be pretty decent as well and there are a fair amount of reservations. As it stands the shows will be fine, the benefit of doing it in a relatively small theatre. 

I really don’t care how many people show up. I’m so focused on trying to write this stuff out and lock it in the head that I don’t have the luxury of worrying about those details. There could be no one but my parents and Jeannette in the crowd and as long as I got through the whole thing remembering all the things I wanted to say I'll consider it a success. ..well, maybe a few more people.

Jeannette has been a big help managing the tickets with my sister and keeping it all straight. As I said, I’m very lucky to have her both working the door and around to handle kids and whatever else may happen while I’m on stage or getting ready to go. She’s good at the stuff, she is. Resourceful. 

I can’t believe this of all entries got erased! I should have known as well as Safari was doing that to me all night!! Foolishness!

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m at about 600 plus words and I’m considering shutting it down already. This is grim. My eyes are rotting out of my head. I was able to run a good portion of the show tonight but at one point today I had a moment where I thought, “Am I going to have to break this into two separate shows?? Like a Quentin Tarrantino movie?? Just stop halfway through the story and say, “come back next week for the conclusion of Confessions of a Rogue Monkey.” And then the bottles and tomatoes would come. 

I don’t think anyone brings tomatos anymore but they should. Can you imagine? 

Anyway, I calmed down, looked at the list from a different angle and got it mostly sorted out. Again, I haven’t actually run the show yet, from start to finish, as there still really isn’t a finish… but as I said, for some reason I have no nerves about this show whatsoever. Even if I have to stand on stage for a few moments trying to remember something to say, whatever comes to mind is going to be fun to do. Fun or challenging. Either way is good for me. 

Okay, that’s my time. You’ve been a great crowd. …oh dear god, my brain is already confusing this entry for being on stage. Reality is starting to meld together.. the stairs are calling. Sorry Megan.