Day 611: Gotta Love Support


I'm able to get this thing tapped out relatively early today, which is good, because I have a lot more work to do today and by the time it's done I likely won't much feel like yapping about it to you guys later! So how am I able to get at the blog already, just past noon today, with two kids, and so much to do? Well, family is the simple answer I suppose; a solid support system. My parents came by this morning so my mom could watch Blaze while Jeannette takes Zena and goes out to pick up some things for the show.

Cash box. Stamps. You know, the usual things you need. 

Also, my dad came with her and is now putting my wood shed door up and cutting up my pallets so's I can fit them inside and finally start heaving wood in there. He said he didn't need any help and they all just told me to come down and get to work. Amazing!

I'm going to have to spend a couple solid days showering Jeannette with pampering and love once these shows come and goes, as she's been shouldering a lot of the day to day burden while I've been delving deep into the recesses of my own brain trying to pull out things to say to the people. She needs a massage, priority one, as we think this is what's causing her headaches and general nausea. She sleeps with Zena on her, in a propped up position, and the body is starting to rebel. She also needs a break. I'll think of something. 

I got to run some of the material I'm doing with my parents this morning as we were drinking coffee. Once again I've had my confidence bolstered by their reactions. You can't fake belly laughs people, which is all I'm looking for. It's not enough for me to get polite smiles from my material, or a couple titters here and there. If you still have control over your body while I'm sending stream after stream of material at you, then it certainly needs to be tweaked. I set a high bar for myself, what can I say. But how else do you achieve great heights if you're not constantly aiming ridiculously high.

Which is why whenever I have a bow and arrow in my hand I always shoot straight for the sun. I won't win any accuracy challenges, but should I succeed in sticking a quiver in the middle of that gigantic ball of fire in the sky... well, it's something to work toward anyway. 

Blazer had a pretty decent night last night as well but I did pull him into bed with me at some point along the way. I don't know, I think I do it in a half sleep state and if I don't check the time I have no idea when it happens as I'm in an utter vortex when I roll out of bed. He ended up crashing with me till about 9am, then flopped drunkenly around until about 9:30 when it was time we got up and got busy. He'll be happy now that he gets to spend the day on his home turf playing with his grammy. It should also tire him out which is what we're all after. 

It's a beautiful day up here on the mountain as well, which likely helps with my rather cheerful disposition, despite all the work I have ahead of me. I have a set list up on the board that I'm quite happy with, and also familiar enough with that I was able to do a pretty good rendition of some of the bits for my parents this morning. The bit about our furnace came flooding out of me last night and should be about five minutes long. It meant I had to cut a few things out but I think this works much better anyway and though the other bits were funny, I felt like I was making the same point in a slightly different way anyway. 

So today should be relatively painless as I work out what I want to say in the end. The last part. I have what I believe to be a solid enough set list leading up to that point that should get the audience to come right along with me by the end. So now... what to say? This is the point of the whole show after all, to try to get some form of my intentions in this area out to the people in attendance at the end. I don't know, more and more I'm thinking it'll just come out on stage but I will try my damnedest to get something solid down either today or tomorrow. I already know what it is I want to say, I just haven't framed it yet. 

I'll also be going into the radio station to do a bit of time on air for K-rock. They emailed me this morning and asked if I could come in tomorrow and be on air to help promote the show and I jumped at it. Anything to help get people out on the day. The website sales are decent but I think it's going to be a matter of getting the word out these last few days to get people to show up and buy tickets there. Thankfully, I have Jeannette to sort all that out. She's worked at bars her whole life and is a dynamo with a cash box. She's also a great first face to see at the show, beauty that she is, and has the personality to go with it. Better than having a host or MC if you ask me. 

I'll also give a massive shout out to my sister Tracy who has been plugging the show like a fiend on Facebook and has started a list of people who want to go but don't want to pay online. More rogues, like me. Hopefully it'll pack the place up! If not, I really don't care. It WILL be packed, eventually, once the power of word of mouth gets fully up and running. That's more how this little movement of mine will get going. People to people. But this radio relationship also has me very excited. I've loved the idea of radio and ever since I first saw the movie Pump Up The Volume -which I've mentioned before. There's something about reaching people's brains through just your  voice and airwaves. No facial distraction. 

So that's it. I just heard back from the radio station and they said their peak time would be between 7-8 but I can come in later if it's easier. I'll wait and talk to Jeannette, who just left and see if I can make the peak hours. That would be the best idea, despite how painfully early it is. Actually, that's just a reflex comment from how my old life was. I'm certainly no stranger to 7am these days... 

Anyway, lots of things to think about but for now the only thing I need to focus on are the words that will be coming out of my mouth on Saturday night. Nice to be able to stay focused. Finally.