Day 610: Tentative Optimism...


I'll be called up to put Blaze to bed in about T-minus two minutes, just so you know, but I wanted to dig into this blog anyway now that I've reached a milestone in my night. I just achieved what looks to be a pretty decent set list for the show on Saturday night complete with one word markers for each separate bit, and further decided that this was as good a time as any to take a controlled break -rather than being pulled away by life as per usual- and check in with you guys. 

Here we go. As promised. She literally just called me up! 

One moment...

Okay we're back. Blaze is a trooper man. I literally sat him down in the rocking chair, gave him a bit of milk, he pushed it away, then gestured to his crib and leaned forward. Fully awake mind you. Just finished with the day apparently. So I put him in, grabbed the bottle, and out I went. I did make a pit stop before rushing down here to write this infernal thing, so's I could devour some more food. My chilli in a bag from M&M meat shop, though surprisingly delicious, if difficult to eat, didn't fill me up. So what was left in the fridge you ask? 


Don't eat left over pancakes. There's no way to make that appetizing. No matter how much maple syrup you use. Note: As you can see I'm beginning my pre-show diet of high energy foods to make sure I don't gas out before the second show is done. I just considered that tonight actually. I've never done a 75 minute show in my life, let alone two back to back, with all the potential act outs I have in mind to do. I've done very few 'act-outs' in my life. It's not like I've been keeping up with the old work out routine if you know what I'm saying. Haven't done me a push up or even gotten the old heart rate up past 55 in quite a while. 

Though to be fair I have a ridiculous ability to calm it down even during high stress or extortive situations. Savvy? 

But now I'm back, full of cold pancake, and ready to finish up before driving Megan home. She came for the evening to watch Blaze so I could work. It's a Wednesday thing. Also, Jeannette has been feeling under the weather all day so she was a great help for her as well. We got up early and she had very little sleep last night. Then we drove to the airport and back, which is over three hours. She'd already had a headache before we left and then on the way back had to sit in the backseat with Blaze to try to calm him down.

Perpetual motion machines don't like to be strapped to anything for too long. 

Anyway, as we were coming back up the mountain she turned a pretty good shade of green and had to breathe it out in the car for a while after we got back. She then went upstairs and laid down while I was left in the pit with the gremlins. We somehow managed to keep everyone going and reasonably well fed, changed and happy, until Jeannette's headache meds kicked in and the nausea started to pass.

Trooper that she is nothing holds her down for long if she can just get some sleep. 

She hates being sick that one. Hates it. Gets very upset when it looks like she has to vomit. Very upset. Did it only once over the course of both pregnancies and it wasn't our finest hour. She laid down on the couch and turned her back to the room and was crying a little, miserable and tired, and I kid you not Blazer actually walked over, took a tissue from the box and took it over to her. I wish I was making this up but I'm not, true speak!

It could have well been a coincidence as I don't think he's seen too many people use tissues while crying. Honestly, it doesn't happen that much in this house!! But still, a pretty adorable and wickedly smart looking little gesture. 

So we have now passed the mid-way point in the week and how are things looking for the coming performance?

Well, ticket sales are still rather bleak online, but I'm told that few people around here trust buying things online anymore. A disappointing commentary on the state of security these days but I get it. I don't give out any information on the phone anymore, I don't care who's calling. I'll find their number and call them back. There's just too many scams. Anyway, I'm told that a fair amount of people will be coming out on the night and paying at the door. This is just the fact of the matter as it stands, it literally doesn't affect me either way. 

This will be the first of many. I literally won't shut up until this ball starts to roll of its own volition.

The writing of it is good, I'm quite excited about the material I've prepared, and looking forward to writing the last 1/4th of the show. Yes, that's about how much I haven't yet written, literally the entire ending, but then that's all the stuff that's happened most recently so it should be quite fresh in my mind. Also, given how quickly I wrote about the furnace in this infernal house, I don't think I'll have any problems locking it all in with just a few days remaining. All in all, I'm quite looking forward to it even though the actual plans of how we're going to get it all done with Jeannette selling tickets, the kids being in the green room, and my family splitting time between shows haven't been locked in or figured out yet. 

We'll get there.