Day 609: No Time


There's no time! No time left! I have no time to write this blog, as Chris is going to be coming down to sleep and I will be flushed out of the basement. I have no time to write my show, as I have so many things in a day that have to get done and won't stop tinkering with what I have! No time left guys. None. Zero. 

And yet I'm still relatively calm. Not sure what could be causing this, unless perhaps I know something that i don't know... hmmm. I guess we'll see won't we? Won't we see, when finally I get up on stage and see what happens. I know this for sure, I can say this with absolute certainty, I have a lot of material that I'm very excited about. I have some other material that I'll likely never remember and some other fragments of material that is promising but likely needs a lot more time than I have left to write and work out. 

So that's where we are tonight dear friends and loyal readers.
Perilously low on time for everything and yet confident it'll all still get done. 

I spent the day out and about with Jeannette and Chris and Zena. We took her to a doctor's appointment and then ate crepes and then I went to the theatre to work. I got a tiny, little, ity-bitty-bit of work done and then the tech guy showed up, Jamie, followed soon after by my intrepid camera man Peter. We hashed out as many of the potential issues as we could with the knowledge we had and then parted ways. 

I'm considering calling a sound guy, as the idea of plugging the cameras right into the board doesn't really appeal to me. But again, IS THERE TIME!? All I can do is try. Or not try. And just put on a good show and worry about taping it down the road. But then, what if it's a GREAT show, because it's my first in a while and I have no expectations whatsoever. Those are always the best sets, the one thrown together at the last second and only partially worked out. 

Or wait, maybe they're the worst. 

Balls! I have no memory!! Stupid techniques. 

Tomorrow we're taking Chris to the airport so that'll take a big bite out of the morning. Happy to do it of course, sad to see her go to be honest, but I think she had a good time with Zena and young master Blaze. The kid looks just like her after all -I'm speaking of Zena of course, Blaze is apparently all me- so I'm sure she'll be sad to leave her as well. It's also too bad she won't get to see the show as she loves comedy, but I ran some stuff by them both tonight so that was a bit of something I guess. Not the same of course. 

Zena got her shots today. Two of them, in either leg. We put a lot of trust in science don't we?? But it does seem to keep the wolves at bay. Of course a lot of the illnesses are coming back, but what are you gonna do? The best you can in the moment you're in really, I think that's it. So she got her shots today, took it like a champ, and then hung out with Jeannette and Chris in Wolfville while I did my thing. Blazer spent the day with his grandparents, had a long nap on his grampy and ate a bunch of chilli which puts you up to date on his antics. He slept poorly again last night but I was able to yank him into the guest bed with me so we all got a reasonable amount of sleep. 

I'll leave you now, as my time in the basement is now up. I promise to stop talking about this show just as soon as it happens. But as for now, it's literally on my mind every second I'm not being spoken to or operating heavy machinery. It's good though, this time around it just feels like a puzzle. All the pieces are mostly there already. I just have to figure out what it's supposed to look like.