Day 608: Sleep Deprivation Chamber

My house has become a sleep deprivation chamber.

Last night was a debacle! Both monsters were in full force in the wee hours last night which made any sleep very difficult. There's just only so much you can do in the night! Only so many places to go before you just resign yourself to screaming and no sleep and do your best to just keep everyone from running out into the forrest clawing at their eyes. 

This is what happens whenever there's a disruption in the routine. Christina, Jeannette's sister, was in the guest room last night and thus at the pre-determined time of 5:30am when Blaze woke up and demanded to be freed from his crib... there was no where to take him, but into bed with Jeannette and I, where the slumbering Zena was too much distraction for him to consider more sleep. 

How dare someone else sleep with his mommy! Was the general feeling I got from him, while trying to keep sleeping and keep him from clawing his way across the king sized bed to act out whatever assault to the whole sordid cuddle scene he had planned. Try and keep a perpetual motion machine from moving. Try it. See what happens. 

So we were up ridiculously early and I didn't sleep much even before it all happened. I tossed and turned last night, for no apparent reason, then had a headache around 3am or so. As I said, debacle from the outset. Jeannette gets even less sleep than I do but still manages to blow through the day as if she slept a solid 8 hours. I don't know how she does it. Perhaps its a female thing. The kids come from them so perhaps they're just naturally given more energy than males. 

Or perhaps I'm a baby. 

The truth, as always, is likely somewhere in the middle. 

After we all got up and got fed and dressed it was 11:30 or so and Jeannette and Chris took the kids out and about for the afternoon. Instead of heading into the basement to even attempt anything creative or constructive I went back to bed and slept for a good long time. It probably was better for me than had I stubbornly tried to work on the show.. is what I kept telling myself as I crawled in bed to sleep.

By the time I did get up and get working it came quite quickly. I've now moved quite naturally into putting gigantic sections of the set together and timing them out. The flow is coming. This is a good place to be, I think, even with the show this weekend. 

Tomorrow I'll be at the theatre again -Zena is getting a shot tomorrow around the same area- and then at 2pm I'm meeting with the tech guy and my intrepid camera man Pete. I'm considering another rather dramatic change in the usual way I do things by perhaps changing from a hand held microphone to a hands free device, if they offer it at the theatre. I don't know, it's a tough call to make given how used to the microphone I've gotten. Still, in order to properly get into these bits of material I'm doing I find having two free hands is much better. 

Who can say? 

So we had my parents come up for dinner tonight, Chris requested Taco night -gOd bless us everyone- so I only got a little work done before the house was full and meat and shells were flying. I chased Blaze around the kitchen while everyone else drank coffee and talked at the table afterwards, and then they went home. My father brought my wood shed door up and was hoping to come by tomorrow to slap it on. I may now be in Wolfville most of the day so that might have to wait until the weekend. I mentioned perhaps Wednesday he said he'd heard we were getting some cold weather coming. 

This is grim news. 

It looks like once again I may be right down to the wire when it comes to the wood and getting it inside. Terrible! Still, I'm at least reasonably pleased with the fact that I now have a place to actually put the wood, which means all that's left is to really just lug it in, which, if it's just me, shouldn't take more than a couple of days. Maybe three if I'm able to dedicate a lot of time to it; which I'll be able to do, as soon as I'm done writing this show. Again, the fact I have two sets coming up this weekend is merely designed to get me to write the set. Once it's written, I can start taking it around and doing sets at other shows. 

Once it's written, I can move on and work on other things. Like the wood. And the two pilots I have spiralling around my head. And a book. And whatever else is up in there that will start flying out soon. 

As the day approaches I find myself getting more and more excited. That, in addition to the microphone... is another new feature I'm not at all used to feeling.