Day 607: Full Steam Ahead

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 7.54.05 PM.png

Okay, today was another long and productive day of work.
We're in good shape!

I'm starting to think that I might actually pull this off; which is to say have the show written out prior to doing it!! It's seems like that would be a fairly obvious situation to be in, given the fact I'm the one who booked the theatre, but at this point such a favourable position going into the show was almost unthinkable given that I was writing it all from scratch... in under a month...

Now, not so much! 

The question is, will it be polished?? Ohhhh. Well first of all, that's likely something only I would notice or worry about, as the general audience likely has no idea what to expect from this performance. And as for that, the jury is still most certainly out. But even if it isn't a polished 80 minutes, I certainly have more than enough to rant about at this point to make it an entertaining set; were I forced to get up and do it right now. Which, thankfully, I'm not. 

I'm still quite certain that even with everything I've written and mapped out, the show might end up being very different from what I currently have planned. With still a week left and a couple of parts I'm not overly happy with, it's anyone's call. Flip a coin. Still, the meat is there, marinating around in my brain matter, so I still feel surprisingly and perhaps foolishly optimistic!

As to ticket sales however, well... let's just say they're not flying out the door. But that's okay too, as I still have all week and a radio station now behind me. This should certainly help. Also, as mentioned, it seems to be more like a last minute ticket buying demographic in this area so I'm hoping for good business at the door. Or, you know, it'll be a nice quiet, intimate setting for my first time back on stage. Either way it'll be great. Also I'm taping it, so if even just that goes well I should have some good clips to put up on the website. 

Jeannette's sister asked if I was dreading the show and just wanting it to be over. I admitted that in the past that was how I typically viewed shows of this sort, or almost any show really, given the stress I was always under to do well... from no one but you guessed it, myself! This time around is much different. I'm quite excited to get up and let loose again. In fact, perhaps for the first time. I really haven't done much standup comedy since my days on Package Deal and I feel like that experience really turned me into a performer. Not just the joke monkey I once was. In fact, I'm treating it a bit like Package Deal, which means I'll likely rehearse it till I get it locked down, which then gives the freedom to fully just perform. 

It's also been fun running material by my dad which I've begun doing again recently. I called him again and read him a large chunk today I literally just wrote. About ten minutes or so. Most of it is based on things that have happened since the kids were born of course, so the spine of that material is pre-existant, but still, my little added flairs came out quite easily and had my dad laughing pretty hard for pretty much all of it. Now all I have to do is run it through a good solid editing, time it, and then put it all together with the rest of it. From there I'll know what works, what doesn't and what I just won't have time for. 

After this show I'll likely start tinkering with the set and making it as perfect as I can, and then start taking it around town this winter, and start hitting up different areas around to try to drum up support for my idea. That's the other side of the coin that I have to hammer out, which is exactly what I want to say on stage about what I'm up to now and the plans I have for what's coming up. I do want to say something so that people can know where to get involved, if that's something they want to do. But I think I'll get the rest of the set ironed out first and go from there. Likely that will be the last thing I hammer out. 

My eyes are rotting out of my head from staring at this computer. 

It was a nice break a moment ago, going upstairs to give Blazer a bath. There's so much material just with that kid alone. Take his bath for instance, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this already but he has this thing he does with these little plastic donuts he plays with. A little while ago he tried to keep them underwater attached to his little doodle, like a circus ring toss, and would then let go, hoping that it would stay stuck to his dingy. The big purple one just popped up each time but the little green one managed to stay under. He was quite pleased with himself.

I suppose that's because the concept of 'size' has yet to enter his consciousness. Not long now. 

I remember being a little lad myself and peeing one time with my dad shaving right next to me. I looked up with genuine concern on my face and asked him a very serious question that had plagued me ever since I started going to his hockey games and hanging out in the dressing room with all the drunk, sweaty, french hockey players. "Will it ever get bigger dad?" I asked.
"Yes son," he said. "Yes it will." 

And thankfully it did.
Though I doubt I'd be able to keep that big purple donut under water.
e're more built for speed us MacDonald's.