Day 606: All Work & Then Pizza


Today we got right down to business up here on the mountain.

No more joking around. Well... after I went back to bed and tried to retrieve some of the sleep that Blaze with held from me last night. So in reality then, I was up from about 5am onward, with a displeased young master Blaze and then tried to catch up on some sleep when Megan got up at around 8am. I did manage to get a bit more Z time until I was abruptly woken up by Jeannette who likely both needed me, and was annoyed that I was the one that got to take advantage of babysitter time and sleep. 

Combo of the two I would say. 

But yes, once I got up and we got breakfast sorted out it was straight down here to the basement to keep working on this infernal show. Actually, I shouldn't be negative at all, as I've had both a positive day working and a pretty great little session last night after I finished with you cats. Instead of going straight to bed as threatened I noted the relatively early time and tried to wring a few more nuggets out of this grey brain matter of mine. As it turns out, it was a very good decision indeed. 

I managed to pound out a pretty fruitful set list that used the idea I had last night, exploring that a little further, and from that I managed to have a bit of a eureka moment; at least in terms of the structure of the thing. As to the meaty details... we're still running at about 40%. No matter! Those 40% are good, if my previous experience with such things is any help to me at all, which of course it is as it is bonafied direct experience from adventures had and completed in this world. And no knowledge comes with any more certainty than that. 

I'm loving this mind mapping application.

I sprung for the advanced one, the paid app, though immediately I noticed not much more available from the free one! Blast! Then I saw that you could add pictures and voice notes and all that good stuff and calmed down a little. I think it will also be of huge help, this mind map technique, when I finally get the PAO list I've created and memorized down into some kind of visual system I can actually review. I don't think it's a bad thing, creating it in my head first, but to give it that much more effectiveness, it's best to have some actual visuals of the people you're talking about to cling to

Jeannette left with Zena to go pick up her sister at the airport at around 3pm so it's just been me and Megan and the Blaze since then. They took my mother with them, who then got migraine vision when they got to the airport. Stupid migraines man! They're back at my parents now; Jeannette wanting to give Christina some quality cuddle time with the new niece she had yet to see. Then they'll pick up a pizza, and return. Mmmmmm, pizza. 

It doesn't look like I'll be getting that video update done today after all. I don't think it's a huge deal as unless you're featuring two cats cuddling you're not going to get the bit number views anyway. I will have to trust that word of mouth will get a few people in the door, that the numbers of purchased tickets at the door will be good, and that the radio plugs will help sales along. Of course I don't have too much control over any of that at this point and am just focusing on having the best material I can possibly have. No doubt by the time I start taking this show around Nova Scotia it'll be sharpened to a deadly point. That's usually how this works. 

I do wonder if I'll be done writing the show... in advance of the actual show...

It sure would be nice, so I could then worry about other things. Maybe get some wood in my wood shed!! It's still all just sitting out there piled around it. Terrible! I know it'll likely have to wait till the day after the show, but man oh man, it's going to drive me nuts until then. Bonkers. I know it. But what can you do? Daddy's running himself ragged already! 

Tomorrow will likely be more of the same, thankfully, as Jeannette and Chris will likely go out and about with the kiddies. Hopefully I can hammer out the set list tonight, then actually start focusing on the filling out of all the random notes and ideas I have for each piece of material. That usually involves going through hours of recordings that are in no particular order whatsoever and I'm never a fan of hearing my own voice -it's bad enough when I'm talking- so that's always a bit of a struggle. I tend to procrastinate doing that, despite the fact I usually find one or two gems that make it all worth while. 

Okay, enough of the blog already, I want pizza! 

Time to go up and sit by the door.

Just tap my foot and look at my watch till Jeannette gets home.  As per usual.