Day 604: Some Things Never Change


What an obscenely long day. How does that happen? How is it that some days just seem so much longer than others when in reality you spend the same amount of actual time every single day. 24 hours, despite a few off ticks from time to time. And yet some days... today was one of those days. I think I slept pretty well, if I cam remember that far back. Blazer came in with me of course, at his usual time of about 6am. But this time, though he flopped a fair amount, he managed to stay unconscious until 8:30 or so.

That's a win in anyone's books these days. In this house anyway. 

So we all got up and got the kids sorted out and then Jeannette took them all out for the day. Blaze was off to his grandparents house while Zena, my little gremlin, was off to a doctor's appointment. I was left home alone to work, by 10am, and that's literally what I did until they all got back at 5pm. Perhaps that has something to do with how long a day it felt. Banging my head against the wall for seven straight hours trying to wring every last dollop of creativity from a brain not willing or wanting to give me any at all. 

Those are the worst days... when you have the time, sit down, and it doesn't want to come. 

To add insult to injury I received an email from my site regarding someone having an issue buying tickets. I emailed her back about five seconds after I got it, with a photoshopped picture I thought would solve the problem, but the email I got back from her only complexified the entire affair. So I just called her. She'd given me her number. She answered and then explained the issue. A separate issue from the one my cousin-in-law experienced the other night, but just as frustrating. 

So I explained what I would do but she gave me her credit card info anyway and wanted 3 tickets. 

I have no way of processing that card number but will get Jeannette to call her in the am with the news. She'll also then explain to her the NEW system. I just photoshopped up some tickets and will be printing them tomorrow. We're then going to call the actual store that Mary, at the theatre, first told me about. They sell tickets to events and thus it's a well beaten path no one should have problems with. It's also a path that can't suddenly disappear due to a crappy connection. The people behind the counter won't simply vanish just as you hand them your credit card. 

They will be real people. 

All these web services sound really great in their videos and concepts but I tell ya... in practice... suspect!! I'm not even going to bother to contact squarespace about the issue. They weren't much help the last time, though I will admit they are quite pleasant and answered my cue in a very timely fashion... still... when you end up not getting any helpful information.. the shortness of wait time doesn't really matter.

I wouldn't mind waiting an hour or so if the person I spoke to could actually fix the issue. 

So tickets then. And then selling them at the door. Everyone who's already purchased them online won't have any problems. It's all still very neat and tidy and orderly. I'll even have tickets made up for them should they want them. But their email confirmation numbers will be fine. 

No matter, it's all a learning curve, as everything is. Once I get a system sorted out and people know what to look for and how this works it'll be gravy. It's just frustrating now and it didn't help that I was having a less than productive day writing wise. 

Like I said, I have a lot of stories that are very funny that I've pretty much got all worked out. But from there I've been a bit stumped. I have things I think I need to say, and can't get it all in. I'm also having an issue with the flow of the whole show and have questions that no one else can answer ringing around in my head. As a result it was a very start-stop kind of a day. This would have been the first time in a while that Jeannette came home and I was in a less than good mood. I wasn't feeling stressed at all. Those familiar clamps around the heart and chest that I used to get during those episodes haven't been around for a while. 

But I was certainly pre-occupied. Certainly having difficulties pulling myself back from my work and into the moment with her and Zena. I'm not easily brought back from that quiet, frustrated place either, despite all of Jeannette's best attempts. Charming as she is, once I'm in there thinking through problems, I remained annoyed. 

My parents brought Blazer over at around 6:30 and I came up from the basement to chat with them. I told them about the tickets and we discussed that for a bit, options and ideas, it was all helpful. Then I was talking to dad about the show and the issues I was having until finally I just asked him to come down to the basement to hear some of it. 

I'm not used to this part of the process either you see, not running material by people. I always did that before trying it on stage in the past but this time I just haven't. Until tonight. I ended up running the first 15 minutes past him and outlined the stuff I have still to work out and he didn't see any of the issues I was having. He was really into it and laughed hard a lot. He understood the points I was making, but still thought that it flowed very well and that it seemed in good shape.

Perhaps at the end of the day I was lost in my own head about it. When we went back upstairs I was in a much better mood. 

It was funny because he reminded me of a part that I'd left out in one of my bits. It was about the first time I got up on stage and I called him at 3am afterwards, breathless and amped. "I finally did it," I said. He remembers thinking "uh oh, what police station am I going to have to drive to tonight." "Did what?" he asked. "Figured out what I'm gonna do with my life. I'm quitting school and moving to Toronto to do standup comedy." "Okay," he said. "Cool." 

From then on I would call my father at all hours of the day and night, pretty much whenever I had a new idea for a piece of material I could try onstage, and would run it by him. His instincts for what's funny aren't often wrong. So it helped put me back on track when I got to run some of the new stuff by him tonight. A fortuitous thing to have happen after a long, frustrating day. 

And now I'm going to bed. My brain is fried and I have a long day tomorrow as well. I'm going in to meet with one of the radio stations to see what they think about helping promote the show. Also, disgusting Hubble is getting his ass groomed. And a good time for it too, considering he brought home a dead bird tonight.

As a result he'll be sleeping in the mud room and likely barking all night. Should be fun.