Day 602: Roll Cameras

Okay, I'm getting this done a little earlier today, which is a good thing as I will no doubt not be feeling like doing it later. That seems to be my MO; early blogs, lots of enthusiasm.. late blog, would rather stick my face in the oven and broil. Not always guys, trust me, entertaining you with the foibles and mishaps and joy I experience in my life is oh so rewarding, most times. But at night.. well I feel a lot less entertaining in general. Which is funny, what with me being a comic and all. Not a lot of day shows. 

I also know given the amount of shut eye I accumulated last night, that tonight will likely be particularly bad for me creatively, which makes this a very wise move indeed. Blazer had another rough one last night and then was up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning at around 7am. Kill me now!! 

It's actually okay because today was his day with my mother and father so I only had to get him up and going until Jeannette got up with the other rascal and fed them both. Then I packed up Blaze and took him over on my way back in to the theatre where I was meeting with my friend and cameraman Peter. He's agreed to film my set next weekend and just wanted to get a lay of the land so he can figure out how best to do it. We weren't able to talk to any of the tech people who will be working the show but we did get an email. Hoping to meet up with him next week to iron out the details. 

I didn't get much writing done on the show but Pete and I had a great chat about it. We also talked about a lot of the ideas I have moving forward and really, what this show is all about. Which is garner some support and enthusiasm from the local community.. none of whom know I exist. No matter!! They will come next week. Or at least, 320 (or dramatically less) will know! I'm really not too concerned how many people I get, though obviously the more people in there the more energy, which as a performer is what you're looking to feed off of. Thankfully, I have heaps of my own already packed tight inside and waiting to explode outward (note: two babies) so I shouldn't have a problem getting fired up and delivering a good performance regardless. 

That's the thinking anyway. How it really plays out... well, who can say. 

This is just a dry run of what we'll be looking to do in the future like a well oiled machine. Which is to say, the show next week is a rehearsal of how we'll want to tape it moving forward. I plan on doing it in a bunch of different venues around the province over the next year -if not this exact show, then certainly others that I have yet to write- and if we can get into the groove of shooting them all, and figure out a style and look as we go, then really, half the battle is accomplished. 

In other news, I've started a fire in the furnace, which is another reason I'm writing this blog right now, as I want to be close on hand to monitor how that's going. This friggin' thing gives me the heebeejeebees. And not in a good way. It seems to be quite tempermental. A bit of a loose cannon in my humble estimation, having known it for a couple of years as I have now. I'm hoping I'm just being paranoid but it's not like I don't have history with the stupid thing to back up my fears!! Still, in the end a fire dragon can't be too worried about handling fire. It's in my blood after all, according to the Chinese anyway. 

That doesn't mean that at the first opportunity I won't rip it out and put something much safer and easier to operate in. That's the game plan once we get up and running over here on the mountain. I won't destroy the rest of the house, as has been my intention for a while, as my buddy Darcy patiently explained to me that this wouldn't really be in the interests of becoming self sustaining. You must use what you have and waste as little as possible. Since there are plenty of other aspects of this house that function correctly and safely, I suppose dropping a hydrogen bomb on the place from a safe distance above wouldn't be the most prudent thing to do. 

What can I say, sometimes rage and frustration cloud one's vision. Thanks Darcy, for the clarity. Having said that, should nature take its course and some strong gale force wind were to blow it to the ground while we weren't home... well now that would hardly be my doing would it!