Day 601: Behind the Curtain


Short one tonight kittens. It's 12:30am and I'm very tired. Between the kids and the work I did at the theatre today, and the very little sleep, and did I mention the kids???... my consciousness is not long for this world. Bed is a callin' and I'm losing the ability to resist. As such this entry will likely be littered with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, a fact that simply can't be helped, as I attempt to plow through and create something worthwhile for you, my daily readers, before it all shuts down and my face bounces off this desk in front of me. 

So today. We got up under the usual circumstances; for Jeannette, a poo filled diaper change and screaming, hungry baby, and for me, a flopping one year old banging and crashing his head off all but the soft surfaces after finishing off his night in the guest bed with me, until finally he springs up, points at a glass of water on the nightstand, then the door, and down we go for the day.

This is the routine we're in. And you know what, it works for us. So Dr. Oz can go suck it. 

I apologize immediately to Dr. Oz, if he is in fact a real doctor, I pulled his name out of a fatigue addled brain at the very last second and have no particular reason for having done so other than he seems like the type of primate that shouts a lot of parental do's and don'ts, such as don't get your kids used to sleeping with you at night. And blah, blah, blah...

Tell you what, if I'm still pulling Blaze into the guest bed when he's 24 then we can chat. Otherwise, let it be man! Let it be!

I don't remember much from the morning to be honest, other than getting ready and jumping in the car to head into Wolfville. Jeannette wanted to take the kids for a walk and go to a meat market -I pray she didn't mean strip club- in addition to meeting up with one of my cousins, with her two little ones, while I jumped into the theatre for some rehearsal time. And by rehearsal time I of course still mean... writing time... as that's the part I'm still working on... the writing aspect of the show.

We're not even close to being ready for any rehearsal time! Hahahahah, not that I've ever rehearsed a standup show in my life. Other than running the jokes over and over in the bathroom with a bottle of shaving cream in my hand subbing in for a mic. LAME! 

But then, this isn't simply a standup show is it? Not in my mind. We'll see what the audience thinks. There is certainly a lot of funny stuff in there so far, in my humble opinion of course.  

I find it beyond helpful to get to work in the space I'll be performing in. I've never gotten to do that before, other than with acting gigs of course. It's just cool to be in there and have access to it pretty much whenever I want.. as long as the intrepid manager of the place, Mary, is also in attendance. Though I think she wouldn't mind even if she wasn't around. I'm pretty low maintenance. I ended up staying there for a good few hours before Jeannette let me know she was all finished. 

Hubble was retching up some nonsense earlier this morning so we took him to my parents place before continuing on into Wolfville, just so they could keep an eye on him. He seems fine now though, and was when we stopped back in to pick him up later in the afternoon. 

Uh, oh, my brain is already starting to shut it down... either that or that last paragraph almost bored me to sleep. It's hard to say at this point, as I'm in no mental state to have to write this thing and analyze myself as I go. That's some high level software operations that I'm just not up to at this juncture in the day. 

I will admit to not being overly happy with my progress on the show up until about 9pm tonight when about 30 minutes just came spilling out of me. I recorded it upstairs while Jeannette was down here with watching Dancing with the Stars with our little Arab queen. I've been outlining it for a good long while of course, and ended up just trying to freestyle some material while following the basic flow I'd figured out. The strategy worked well and I'm excited to sit down with what I recorded and write some of it out. 

It always helps to put it on the page just to be able to read it from that detached perspective. Even better if you can print it out and read it off actual, tactile, paper. 

Have I written enough?? I wonder... I literally can't think straight and now my left eye is starting to shut on its own. That can't be good can it? It feels like it's just dry but wow, it's really trying to close up shop for the night. I can barely keep it open. Now I'm squinting. The sheer pull of the left eye is now bringing my right one into a similar state of downward motion. This is grim people. I'm in the basement right now. How the hell am I going to successfully navigate my way up into whichever bedroom I stumble into with two eyes fused shut by fatigue? How I say? 

I also appear to be somewhat delirious now. Perhaps this is as good a time as any to wrap it up. I'm sure I forgot to mention all kinds of things. Woody Allen documentary.. alas.. too late. No matter. There's always tomorrow. 
Until there's not.