Day 599: Halloween


Short one tonight. I'm laying on the couch at my parents house writing this out on my phone via the handy, but somewhat inefficient stylus. The hockey game is on and the kids are dressed up and running wild. Candy, chocolate and chips are making the rounds. If any one of them sleeps tonight it'll be a miracle.

Blaze was a monkey tonight, more so than usual, and rocked his first costume like a Highlander; and you know what they say about Highlanders... there can be only one! We dressed you, my dear Zena, as a banana, and a more stunning Halloween sidekick you'll not find. You didn't stay in it long, hot and large as it was, but we did manage to snap a couple of pictures for the purposes of posterity. 

That's what this Halloween seemed to mostly be about this time around, with both of you too young to do much else. Get the costumes on, try to make you smile, or you know, stop crying, and then snap as many pictures as multiple camera phones can take. Oh joy oh bliss. 

We actually took Blazer out tonight for his first taste of Halloween action.

We hit a total of four houses. It wasn't that he hated it or anything, that was really all we wanted to get in. Actually it was two duplexes, with two houses in each one; a seniors complex on a quiet street and the monkey was a big hit with all of them. He didn't do much for his candy, besides stand there in front of the houses staring up at whomever answered the door. It's safe to say no one was expecting to see someone so small when they brought out their candy. In fact, his first house gave him an apple which I would have been more perturbed at if I wasn't an adult. It's funny how parenting changes your perspective on candy and apples!

Of course his mother and I pretty much devoured all he got once we picked him back up and drove him back up to your grandparents house. I felt a bit like a pimp enjoying the fruits of my underlings labours. He got a bite of an aero bar and was then coming after me like a crack addict about five minutes later for more. Shocking how fast they get a taste for it! Like tiny chocolatey vampires. 

While we were at my parents place tonight dad found a Just For Laughs special on TV. It happened to be the first gala I ever did, along with Harland Williams (before we knew each other) and a few other comics. I was hoping it was the latest set, from a couple years ago, as I still haven't seen it, but noo, it had to be the one I like the least.

Oh man, what a different human being on that TV tonight! I remember absolutely being crushed by that set. I really hated it. I suppose I put too much pressure on myself for it, my usual M.O, but still! What a let down it was. If I remember right it was the early gala show on Friday and those crowds, I'm told, are usually the worst ones. 

I no longer blame the audience. Not after watching my performance! Yeesh. Not good! 

But then, I was a baby. A wee, chipper, fresh faced, long-haired keener trying my best to connect with a crowd when I still hadn't done so with myself! Good luck young man, I thought as I lay on the couch and read poems by Rabindranath Tagore. I laughed more at Jeannette and my mother watching me, than anything that came out of my televised mouth. I believe my mother said, "My baby!" when my face first popped on the tele. They asked me what I typically do before my set and I answered that I like to run the first joke over in my head.

I figure if I can get that out, I'm golden. 

The best part was the post set interview when I tried to convince the people watching that I'd had a good time. Oh yeah... it was a real blast. Lying eyes!

Funny that I got to watch myself on TV doing some standup after a long day of working on my upcoming show. It'll be mostly standup, as I've said, but with a little something extra because I can, and because it's the only way I can do it. No good to just tell jokes anymore. No more joke monkeys over here. Just rogues. Rogue monkeys! Perhaps I'll get a matching costume with Blaze. 

It's a funny thing we all have to deal with now in this age of digital media and video tapes. What other generation in the history of the world had to put up with seeing old versions of themselves doing and saying all manner of things that there is no hiding from once a camera is on you? No one! It makes starting over very difficult. It makes things like witness protection programs almost impossible. Well, actually social media does that. It's like I've said for a while, if the people next door to you aren't on some form of social media they're probably hiding out from something or someone. 

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out in the near coming future, when everyone has a body camera on and every second of our lives on this planet are recorded. Not by any ONE person, or regime, or tyrant, or government, but by and for all of us by whatever manner of technology we come up with to do it. Hard to know how it'll all break down when that day comes, but come it will. There's absolutely no doubt if you peek your head above the clouds and look down from a bird's eye view at the kinds of things that are happening on the planet these days. 

I only hope I have something a little more productive to say that what I've said in the past. Still, I do at least recognize that it was all part of the process. The kid on TV tonight was certainly me. A little younger, a little more naive, a little more lost, but still heading down the path that led me here; with a monkey, and a banana, and a beautiful woman to share it all with. And a much deeper and still growing connection to both myself, and a gOd that finally makes sense. 

I'm a lucky man indeed. 
Only fitting I now work on giving it all back.