Day 598: Windy Work Day


It was windy as hell up on the mountain today.

Windy but not overly cold, which is a good thing, considering my wood is not yet all sorted out. I made some good progress on it today, even though I would have preferred to work on the show. But the fact is I have to get the yard sorted out as well and am running out of time with that also. I had to go outside with rubber boots on this morning anyway, to collect all the various cushions that shot off into the woods, carried by the blustery wind last night, so I figured I might get a bit of time in on the wood while I was there. 

So hard to stay in the moment with that stuff. So easy to look at the scope of the work involved and think it'll never get done. At least for me it is.

It's amazing, we cut a lot of trees down this summer and the yard is still riddled with them! We've barely gone a third of the way back it seems. This is a good thing, I suppose, as we have a lot more room to play with; not that any of the things we've done back there lately have seemed like play. I have a vague idea of what I'd like to put back there; fire pit, astronomy platform for the telescope I bought that I haven't used much so far. And who knows, perhaps an office. 

I did get a lot of work on the show done today as well. I'm using a mind mapping app that is very helpful now that I've finally figured out how to use it and am using it consistently. It's also going to be good for the memory work, as this is precisely how the brain works. Fractals baby! You take a topic like, say, BEARS and then draw lines from there. What would you like to know about bears, your brain asks you, and then offers up the next three topic options that branch off: smell, sleep patterns, reproductive cycle. Then you just keep going further down the path. 

These are examples of course, I will not be doing any bits on bears for the show. 

Anyway, I'm still playing with it but so far it's working quite well and I'm considering getting the paid version! That's always a big step in your relationship with an app. I like it... but is it good enough to pay $34 for??? I don't know, we'll see. My days of impulse buying things I think will help are over. I've bought too many magic bullets and organizational apps for that. No more!

In other news I reached out to a contact today and set up a meet and greet for Tuesday in Halifax. She's a friend of Amanda Tapping and puts on a lot of theatre shows all over Nova Scotia. Her and her husband run a company.. or perhaps her husband runs the theatre stuff and she does other things. I know she directs, she just got back from Calgary where she was doing that.. anyway, I'm always up to meet with people, especially talented ones that might help out with my little project. Especially now that I'm back in my home province and looking to start a fire. 

No not the furnace.

A production community is what I'm after. A network of talented people with an easy to navigate online site that connects them all and puts them in touch with each other so they can work on projects very quickly and efficiently. Big dream. I know this. But the good news is that much like the wood it's just one piece at a time.

No more being overwhelmed by such undertakings Zena. I think when you get to make out with Pamela Anderson for money... on a TV show.. after having no acting classes whatsoever.. you tend to start believing that maybe you in fact do know what you're doing and can accomplish whatever you put your mind and heart too.. A much better way to attack life than to constantly question yourself and abandon projects once the lustre is gone. 

Those old spinning tires have been replaced for a laser beam of focus attached to an already stubborn will. Can't lose. ...although, I suppose if you get tires replaced by a laser beam you won't be able to go anywhere, but you know what I mean. 

So my dear Zena, that does it for another day. I'm now going to go upstairs in the room next to your brother and try my damnedest to meditate. He's a champ that one, and will no doubt give me all the quiet I need. Last night was the first night in a long time, I don't know, maybe forever, that he didn't cry during the night. He slept right through till 8am. It was shocking. I actually got up a few times and went in to check on him just because it was so out of the ordinary. But there he was laying there, mouth open, fully comatose. 

He's a champ! This also gives me mad credit with your mom as, just as predicted, he is settling back into his routine. 

That's it kids. Tomorrow is Saturday -I think- and it will consist of more of the same. Which is totally cool with me. Unless a curve ball is thrown. Thankfully, I'm getting pretty good at hitting those too.