Day 597: Elementary School Rock Show


Can't think of a title for the entry tonight. Can't think of much to say either, though that likely has more to do with the fact I'm a little tired than anything else. I got quite a bit of work done on the show... scratch that, I had plenty of time to work on the show, but a lot of that work was spent going through old recordings to find some things I'd yapped out a while back. That's fairly status quo for me as I rarely keep anything in the same place and am often struggling to find things later. 

This is why the memory work is so important!

The day started out quite well with young master Blaze having had a great night last night. He's getting better this one, I must say, and even though I end up pulling him in bed with me around 6:45am I can't complain! Slowly but surely he's getting sorted out. I think it also helped that I wasn't an idiot last night and didn't end up staying up too late to work. There's really no need of it if it can be helped. Sleep is more important! It makes you kids much more manageable in the am. And by kids I mean myself. 

You kids are always you kids, it's daddy who is at times less than up to par. 

Your mom took you both out for the day which left me here to my own devices. She's a trooper that one, handles two kids like its just another day at the office. And sick besides, though feeling much better. She got back around 3pm and we got ready to go to my niece and nephews concert at their school. That was quite a trip, rolling into the school gym with a two piece stroller that looks more like a train. Honestly, it would have been a better idea to just drive the Pilot right in through the back doors. 

Blazer was a hit and wandered around in his sock feet, while my other niece, who's just a couple months older than him, dragged me around the school on her way quite confidently to nowhere in particular. If she did have a destination in mind she surely didn't get there and took a rather confused little route. Blaze did get upset when the kids started playing their music but I couldn't tell you what exactly it was about it that upset him; the fact that it was loud, or perhaps a little out of tune. 

Oh man... I really have to write these things earlier in the day, I'm already very over writing the entry tonight. Jeannette is now holding you, my little monster, while watching the Voice. She's getting caught up while I've already seen it all and eagerly await the next episode. You're doing much better Zena, it seems the formula is starting to agree with you a little more and you're putting on the poundage quite well, which is really all you can do at this point. I'm not saying you're boring at all... it's just that... well, you're just a wee bit limited in terms of the scope of your abilities to engage.

Still cute as buttons and don't get me wrong, I love spending time with you and wiping all your spit up off my clothing. No rush for you to grow up from this end. 

I did have a little hiccup with the tickets tonight, as my cousin's husband was having a rough time purchasing them off my site; particularly upsetting considering he was buying 12 tickets! He said that while he was buying them the screen just went white and nothing happened. This is no good! Sadly, there's little I can do about the white screen of death, as I think it's more of a loading issue. He also didn't like the fact that you can't just add as many tickets as you'd like and go right to checkout.. agreed! But nothing I can do. Instead, if you want to buy multiple tickets an email prompt comes up with each individual ticket that you can just skip... but alas, there's nothing I can do about that. I looked into it. 

I did see that there have been some sales already and when I checked in with those people, the ones I knew, none of them had the same problem. Still not good that it happened this time, but he said he'd check from work tonight or tomorrow to see if it worked out. He is also on the North Mountain which pretty much explains the whole issue. Stupid mountain internet!

I just checked with Jeannette and she tells me that we have nothing going on tomorrow. This means that I'll get a lot of time to work and keep hammering out this set I'm going to be doing. I worked out a few bits today that are coming together very well and have a bunch of ideas to flesh out tomorrow. I still feel in good shape, which is shocking considering both the amount of time I have before the show and how much work I still have to do, but I no longer doubt my ability to do it. I think that's the beauty of having done something for so long, or perhaps it's just a side-affect of my new outlook. Hard to say. 

Jeannette asked me tonight about getting heckled. She assumes some people might go out drinking before the late show and that it might be a rowdier crowd. She said as much to my mother today but my mom just laughed and said that I liked it when that happens and am very good at dealing with them.

She was half right, I'm good at dealing with them but I always hated when it happened. As a comic I always just wanted to do my jokes and never enjoyed having to deal with rude or belligerent people in the crowd. My outlook on all that is a little different as well and though I recognize that it's possible it might happen again, I'm quite certain this time around that the person doing it would find themselves under a particularly hot microscope in a hurry with no ill will behind it other than showing them very clearly exactly how little they are, in fact, helping.

That's the common misconception among people who heckle.. that they're 'helping' somehow. Never understood that. 

Anyway, the other difference with this show as opposed to the majority of shows I've done in the past is that it's theatre seating. Theatre seating typically takes all the heart out of the hecklers. They're not at a table with a beer in hand, half facing you, half facing their mates; instead they're locked in position sitting at attention staring right at you. Their friends are beside them but it's a much different feeling than at a table. I think it has something to do with the body being used to sitting in theatre seating.. at the theatre. And unless you're REALLY drunk, very few people heckle actual movies. 

I also have a confirmed camera man. My friend Peter Gordon has said that he would do it for me and we're planning on meeting at the theatre to set it all up and do some test runs this weekend or next week. That'll be great. Then I can put some parts of the set up online and start my slow plan for world domination. Muahahahaha. Or at least just make the set available for those who couldn't come see it live, which, if I know my math and I think I do.. will be 160 people less than 7 billion. Wow, these are hot tickets indeed!

That's it for me. I'm out.