Day 596: This Guy Kills It

I rarely share things from the outside world Zena, you know this by now. In fact I keep things pretty simple on the website which generally keeps the spectacle seekers away and general misfits. No one is going to read a daily blog just so they can email the writer and call him a name. However, I will break this tradition to feature the work of this young man, who I watched on the Voice the other night, knock this performance out of the park.

Note: youtube wouldn't let me embed the video. Take the time to click the link, it's well worth it! I was still making the point about how he was going to have a tough time beating the twins he was up against when all of a sudden we both just got pulled into the song. Note the looks on the twins when it hits them how good the performance is as well. Without looking at each other they both just give their heads a shake as if to say, "well, we had a good run. This was fun." 

It's also just a great song. Enjoy. It happened on October 26th, 2015... or so. 

You and your brother and mother are out this afternoon doing errands and such and I no doubt should be working on my show but am instead listening to more of the audible book on the teachings of the Buddha and now being forced to look at myself with fresh new eyes to see all the ways I am NOT following the correct path. It's all good of course, I merely have to continue listen to the words of others whom I find wise and hope that they strike a match in me that leads to a new understanding. 

That should be all we're after anyway, isn't. 

Well, no, it seems most people would say that what we're all after is a release from our suffering. Well you're in luck! That's all the Buddha is about!! Well, suffering as an affect of the disconnect between ourselves and the truths of; impermanence, no-self, and nirvana. Heavy stuff, I can tell you, but what can I say, it's like Motown to my ears these days! You'll find that happens as soon as you start to think that in all this wandering around the jungle of life there might actually be a place you reach where you're happy where you're free of all delusions of fear and all that other nonsense and an actual path to get there. 

So yes, very good book with a particular focus on the modern audience, as I've told you. It's written in a very straight forward manner, very logical and methodical in making points. It's very stripped down language, which makes the rather ethereal nature of the material itself not seem so mystical. Anyway, I'm finding it helpful. And I did get some work done today, and likely will get more done tonight, on this show of mine that is coming up. 

It's funny, just when I needed some help with the aspects of putting on a show of this kind my sister reached out and offered her services. I tell you, it was a well done pitch, delivered via What'sApp as a "hey just throwing this out there," kind of thing. But she backed up her offer with the skills she has that would make her a good fit and also said the thing I was quite happy to hear which was, "then you can worry about what you're good at," which is what I'd like to be able to do. 

I would love nothing more than to just get to do the things I'm good at and enjoy, with extra time left over to work on the things I'm terrible at, but do enjoy, and would like to get better with. Guitar, I'm looking at you. 

Hubble is upstairs barking at the rabbits that have surrounded the house. They have done this the past couple nights I think, perhaps it's the time of the year. Anyway, they show up and eat the poo they dropped earlier... hard to find gOd in that... and generally taunt Hubble incessantly. Sometimes they just sit right in front of the door or window, completely calm and ever watchful, as Hubble loses his mind barking and clawing at the glass to get at them. 

The contrast is quite enjoyable to watch. 

Also humorous is the knowledge that if I was to open the door the bunny still wouldn't be bothered and would simply vanish in a bound that Hubble, with all his great speed, simply can't contend with. This thing is used to avoiding wild animals built to kill. Hubble gets winded going up the stairs and has a belly made from treats and the food Blaze throws him every meal time. It's a sad state of affairs. 

Oh, here's another random thing I like about doing a live show as opposed to just writing out ideas. There's something about seeing someone deliver the material that just doesn't come through when it's just words slapped on a page; digital or pulp. You don't get subtleties in writing very often, and my friends, my performance is full of subtlety if nothing else! Equally then, is my blog. It has been communicated to me that people tend to not read things with the same intention with which they were written, as friends have said things to me like: Jeannette must be some kind of woman to put up with what you say about her on the blog. 

Hmmm.... is all her and I can say to that. We just don't see it that way. 

Other cousins of mine have thought me writing in other states as well when the truth of the matter was far different. 

This happens much less with performance because you can put your whole body into it like my friend Blaine Mitchel did in that video above. Say what you will about the Voice itself, and all the nonsense that people get on about, but one thing can be said; that organism, given a HUGE opportunity where suddenly the world was watching, delivered THAT inspired performance, not just with his voice, but with his whole body and spirit. The dude shines. My particular favourite move is when he does the high hanging orangutang arm. 

I've watched the video and listened to the song about a hundred times today. 

I think I'm in love with him.
Balls. Now I have to go tell your mother. 
Life is taking another dramatic turn. 

For anyone reading this out of context, which could be a large number of you, I was joking!


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