Day 595: No Braces!


I went to the dentist today and got my teeth all cleaned up.

This was after dropping off the car to get the winter tires put on. It's 1:30 and I've already had a pretty productive day thank you very much. The dentist was quite impressed with my teeth. She was surprised that I don't have any fillings and then while she was digging around in there she asked if I had braces when I was a child. The answer is no. She made another little sound that led me to believe this was unusual as well. 

The hygienist who cleaned my teeth is a wonder. Her name is Laurie and she's at Dr. Schofield's office in Berwick. Trust me, if ever you need your teeth done make an appointment with her. Magic hands that one. No pain.

I've never had my teeth cleaned with no pain, never been sitting in that chair with someone poking and scraping at my mouth and not been a tensed up ball of anticipatory pain. It's the reason most people hate going to the dentist! But this one, oh she's good. So good I asked her about it the last time, wondering how she ever got so deft with the tools of usual torture and she said that at the last place she worked they were super hard on her and demanded that there be no pain while she's in there. 

It annoyed her for the first little while but now she's grateful. And very busy as a result!

There's a lesson in there somewhere Zena. Surely I don't have to spell it out for you!

Blaze was a nightmare as expected last night, but I found it much easier to deal with now that Jeannette has been removed from the picture -she's still here of course, your mom, nobody whacked anybody, I merely mean to say that the exasperated comments such as "He might need cuddles!!" have been replaced by a reluctant silence as dear old dad tries once again to get the boy on the right path in the nighttime. 

I shouldn't say he was a nightmare. He was only rough from about 11pm till maybe 3am when he woke up a good few times shrieking to come into bed with me. Instead of giving in I merely went in, shoved his soother back in his mouth, comforted him a bit and assured him that the crib was his bed, and that he would be staying in there for the night. He totally understands what I'm saying this kid, as he would flip out extra badly whenever I said, "No Blaze, you're staying in your own bed." BOOM!

He finally woke up screaming at 6:45am and at that point I brought him in with me where he proceeded to sleep for another hour and a bit. I don't mind that so much, especially if I can get another little bit of sleep out of him. But the full night? No way man! Too hard. On all of us. I'm anticipating another couple of nights like this before he finally gets back with the program and relaxes into the nighttime routine again. 

So I got him up this morning, got him fed, put the tires in the trunk of the car (and nearly destroyed the garage doing it - whole pile of wood fell!) and then took Blaze with me, dropping him off at mom and dad's before heading over to drop off the car. Once I did that I merely walked into the dentist's office which is just a ten minute walk away from the body shop. After my teeth got all polished up I went and got some breakfast then walked back, picked up the car, and came home. 

I quite enjoyed the walking today. It's beautiful out and I'm also listening to another audible book that's blowing my mind right now. It's the teachings of the Buddha as related to a modern audience by Thich Nhat Hanh and it's very, very good. It's hard to imagine someone who lived so long ago could have developed such a systematic approach to internal well-being and explained it so exhaustively and with such resounding truth behind the words and concepts. Well, less hard to believe for me now that I hold the ancient wisdom on a much higher plane than much of what is bandied around these days. 

Science Schmience.
Who's with me??

Kidding. But to be true, it can only take us so far. There's this whole other journey that we must go on where microscopes and test tubes will help us very little. It's an inward journey of course, and I think it's fair to say that most people living in our society today are unaware it's even a thing. The only inward journey they think about is the one that takes place in their bowels after the food they've ingested begins doing its handy work. Fortunately for the rest of us, the ones diligently pursuing that inward journey, there were enlightened beings along the way that marked the path forward for us. 

As with everything else I have no idea what affect this will have on my life, listening to these seeds of wisdom and letting them find their way into the fertile ground of my mind. Vegetarianism here I come?? Can't be a bad thing though! I'm certain of that. In fact, as I listen to his discourse on the four noble truths and the eight fold path, I find myself translating a lot of what I hear into intentions for the show I have coming up. Right view, right thoughts, right speech and right action in particular. Well, for a standup comic, right speech in particular as I'm pretty much shouting into a microphone the whole time. 

Words, as I often told your mother when first we met, are very important. 

I will say the second he started getting into how one should never exaggerate or embellish anything I started getting a little uncomfortable. How does a comedian not exaggerate or embellish at all??? Then I remembered I'm not strictly speaking, a comedian, and I calmed down immediately. Not exaggerating or embellishing doesn't mean not adding flair or entertainment. It just means don't go around making something bigger than it actually was. 

No worries. I can handle that. 

Anyway, with little Blaze at his grandparents for the day, and you and your mother upstairs sleeping off another difficult night, I am now going to go work on my set for the show, with the Buddha's words fresh in my mind, and trust that despite the fact I don't have loads of time to work on this stuff, if I am open to it when I do, whatever is needed will spring forth of its own volition. The more I heed that advice the more I get done. Despite being busier than I've ever been in my life. Interesting how that works. 

It's all so very Tao. 

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