Day 594: Doom and Gloom


Sickness is rampant once again up on the North Mountain dear Zena. You're currently crying as your mother does her best to calm you down while pacing with you in the kitchen. I just put Blaze to bed, who's really less sick and more upset, as his sleep habits have devolved into him needing to be cuddled at all hours of the night. At least I had the paediatrician back me up earlier today telling your mother that his crying at night was most likely now due to being spoiled in terms of getting his way and getting to sleep with his dad. 

I tried to tell her this on a few occasions but as you well know, I do not have a PhD or MD of any kind and as such very few people listen to me when it comes to medical scenarios. Thankfully, the doctor confirmed that it's not, in fact, a medical scenario at all, and that perhaps dear old dad was right after all. This means it'll be another rough night as I try to break him of the habit once again, which is terrible news considering the rest of us are sick and struggling. 

Let me rephrase that. I'm not a confirmed victim of this throat infection yet. So far I'm just exhausted after another sleepless night with your brother. This is unsustainable which is why I'm going to be a bit of a hard ass on him the next few nights in an attempt to break him of this pattern. 

Your mother is the one truly suffering with it and had to get medicated by a doctor today. She's on her first round of antibiotics for a very long time and isn't all that happy about it. But what are you going to do? She's got to get better. Sleep isn't helping, or rather, the lack thereof. But again, what do you do? You two need us to be there for you and that doesn't change just because we're not feeling up to it. It doesn't help that you also seem to be sick -note: you're still howling away about ten feet from my head as I write this- with what appears to be a stuffy nose and some congestion. 

The doctor says your chest is clear and that all other signs point to you being the picture of health, and that this infection of yours is going to have to run its course. It's no fun, I'll tell you that, and we're all on our last reserves of energy over here. In fact, this'll likely be a short entry as I'm judging by your mothers behaviour right about now that she might need me to tag in and give it a shot. Not sure what your current problem is as you've just completed a total of two poos that went through your clothing and diapers. Honestly, it's getting to the point now where it's almost pointless to put the diapers on you. They seem to do nothing at all. Little more than a dog door flap that lets the explosions out whenever they want. 


We did a lot of running around today, which didn't help with any of this. But again, what are you gonna do?? It's all gotta get done, regardless of how anyone is feeling so you just suck it up and do it. When we finished getting everything and went to my parents place tonight to pick up Blaze, who'd spent the day with them so we could take you to the doctor and get the other things we needed to get done, I power napped for an hour. It didn't even put a dent in how I feel, which is a little concerning. This is usually how I feel just before I'm down and out as well, and with your mom on these medications for the next ten days or so... 

Well the only alternative might be to let you guys run wild outside in the hopes that you're able to hunt your own food and sustain yourself until we get better. I don't think that's too harsh an option considering that most of the game around here is small and generally won't turn around and chase you back, mostly rabbits and squirrels and creatures of that sort. But I'll also provide you with a blade of some kind just in case you run into any coyotes. 

Okay, you just blarped up what appeared to be a lot of stuff that isn't supposed to be in your body. This explains the flipping out, and general discomfort, and also why you seemed to chill out a little once I picked you up so your mom could clean up. I walked with you for a few minutes and you calmed down so I gave you back to her but now you're flipping out again. This is not good. However, it is a good excuse to end this bloody thing, which I neither feel like doing, nor have the energy to do tonight, so with that I'll wrap it up and sign off. 

Tomorrow I have to get my teeth cleaned and the car tires changed. 

The fun never ends!

I'm hoping at some point to get some work done but given the situation that seems a rather unlikely possibility for the next little bit, especially if what I'm feeling is any indication of what's to come. 

Nite monkey. |mp