Day 593: No Backing Out Now


Well my dear Zena, your dad posted the details of his show all over gOd's creation today, which is to say, I shared it on Facebook. That's pretty much all you have to do these days I think, as far as marketing goes. Of course it helps to have good friends and family around to re-post your stuff so that word gets out and eyes fall upon it. Which I do. Now all I have to do is actually write the show!

Still no nerves about it at all. If anything I'm quite excited. I think I finally figured out a way to do this performance stuff for the right reasons which should keep me from getting bored with it like I did the last time around. Also, I get to tell a lot of stories that are pretty ridiculous, with enough time since their occurrence to get some solidly sharp perspectives. As always, this will lead to comedy, due to the fact my life has been a genuine absurdity to this point and as such everything pretty much comes out in a comedic wash when it's all said and done.

And that's just how I like it. 

I'm pretty sure I set everything up correctly with the ticket stuff and the links and all that. I have no doubt that if there are any hiccups anyone out there who experiences them will let me know asap, as most people do when things don't work out these days. I set up a form on the site to make that easy and also included my cell number because why not? Why not include your cell number Zena?? We live on the mountain and get no reception anyway, and if anyone who wants to hassle me too badly really wants it I'm sure they can just ask, or hack, one of any number of giant corporations that have it.

Easy peasie. 

Okay, so now that that's all done, and the wood shed is nearly completed... I have nothing but the actual writing of the show to focus on and an eternity to work on it! Honestly, nearly three weeks is loads of time. Thanks to the show I'm now quite comfortable with having to memorize a couple of scripts per week and make them performance ready. It's hard to relate to you what a difficult schedule that is, and also, what it does to you; the confidence it gives. Not that you'll ever lack for confidence Zena! Your dad won't hear of it! 

Of course this is a little different than doing a sitcom as it's my own material but to me that just makes it easier. I prefer doing my own material anyway to be perfectly honest, a result of doing standup far longer than acting, though I do love being part of a team as well. Pros and cons. With everything I suppose. But for this show I don't plan on hammering out the beats like I did in past performances. I think this'll have to be a bit more freestyle. 

Who knows. Though I am getting much better at predicting my own eventual deeds, I'm still wildly off the mark a lot of the time! I suppose the most important thing is to just let the instincts lead and while the head does it's best to convince you it's in control, just make sure to keep it in the passenger seat as you go. It's a whiz for handing out helpful tips and for adjusting the stereo and heat, but pretty much useless when it comes to where you're actually headed. 

As to your whereabouts as I type this out at a very respectable 3pm; you and your brother are over at your blessed grandparents house today so that A) your mom can rest and heal and B) your dad can get some work done. Jeannette isn't feeling well again today, though I'm hoping it hasn't gotten any worse. I'm not sure, we've barely spoken all day on account of her throat, and the fact she's been power sleeping for the past bunch of hours. Which she needs. 

Sore throats are the absolute worst! Strep being the worst of the worst!

I couldn't even take her to the clinic today as the only one that's open is too far. 

I just popped out and picked up some show posters so I can stick a few of them up around town, and also got her some flowers. It's only fitting I think, miserable as she is, to have some half dead Superstore flowers placed on the window ledge next to the bed to be there when she wakes up. That should... do something. I took Hubble with me because otherwise he would have barked at a butterfly or rainbow or dust particle and woken her up the whole time I was gone. It's the new strategy and I'm sure Hubble himself is quite pleased with it. He gets out and about and is able to bark at a whole host of new stimuli. 

Your brother was up very early this morning, I'm not happy to report; after another wonky night of being up and down. I had to rock him a bunch of times between 11&2 until finally giving in and pulling him into bed with me. This was less successful than other times as he flailed and whined pretty much all night. Could be his teeth. Perhaps he's got a sore throat like his mom. I know you do. At least, I'm assuming that's the cause for your weird little pained swallows. I'm no detective but... makes sense. 

So that leaves dad, sitting here at the table with a clock that says 3pm and a sky that says dusk. It has all day. It's going to rain any second. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a nice background as I pound out this show! 

That's it kid, 
Enjoy your grandparents today.


Upcoming Show! November 14th