Day 584: Wood Woes


I'll tell you something right now dear baby Z, I'll be quite happy when the first snow falls. 

That's right, you heard me. Bring on the snow!

I say this because once the snow falls everything in my backyard becomes frozen for another season; which means I no longer have to worry about doing anything with the wood and my driveway will once again be free and clear of anything but several feet of snow. The only problem with that is that in the time leading up to those glorious days of stillness I will be ensconced in this infernal wood nonsense as I try to get this wood shed up and all the wood laying around properly stacked and taken care of. 

Today an older couple showed up with my cousin to chop up the big remaining pile of hard wood I have from the days of my intrepid tractor man James and his wood stacking prowess. They have no wood for the winter, this old couple, and had inquired a while back with my cousin whether or not I'd have enough wood to sell to them. They don't have a lot of money this couple, I'm told, so I said I'd give them a deal. I also said to come up and cut on Saturday but they showed up this morning.

No matter, I understand their desire to get it sorted out, it is getting cold these days after all.

I still don't know how much I'll charge for the wood. Everyone and their dog was telling me I should keep it for myself, that I'll always burn it, and will just be looking for wood again down the road if I get rid of it. But I've got a soft spot for people in need and a relatively little fear of what I may or may not need in the future; never being able to predict it in the past, or even where I'd be living, so I can't say I'm all that concerned about it now. The one thing I am concerned with a bit is the fact we haven't actually settled on an amount for the wood currently be cut and split outside and they're already loading it in their truck... 

Scratch that, my cousin is buying it for them. He just let us know. He's also chopping up the rest of that pile for me once he's done getting what they need. That makes it a bit easier as he and I can just sort it out ourselves once it's all over and done with. I'll give them a good deal, but at the same time, it's still perfectly good wood I could easily have burned myself!

Still, I can't wait for this to all get sorted out!

I was also expecting my neighbour up here this early morning, as he said as much the last time he was here on Wednesday; he mocks me a little, this guy, for always sleeping. A hilarious little observation that doesn't have much connection to how things actually operate in this household these days. Nevertheless, the last couple times he's come to the door I've been in my bathrobe and pyjama bottoms -around 10-noon- so he assumes my ass is up sleeping. 

In reality, I live in the middle of the woods. What am I going to wear around the house all day? Jeans? A tux? No! Pyjama bottoms and, if cold, a bathrobe! 

Anyway, with all the delays happening with his own cottage down the road, trying to get someone to put it on its new foundation, his schedule is probably all over the place as well so I'm not surprised he didn't make it up. I also have no way of getting in touch with him. Also, he's doing me a big favour by helping me build this contraption so as far as I'm concerned he can roll however he'd like. 

Having said that, due to my dwindling schedule I might mention the next time he comes up if we could get an extra pair of hands or more and get the thing up all in one day. Perhaps my dad and a cousin of mine. That would be helpful for sure, as I need to get passed these days of waiting to see how much time I'll get to work. 

Who can say? It'll play out as it does. Of that I'm sure. 

Yesterday ended up being a good and productive day of work. I shot a quick little intro video that wasn't quick enough, at 2min, so I'll take another crack at that today. See, I'm already learning! In the old days I would have already excitedly posted my ticket page without having really sorting it all out and would have gotten to the point where I'm happy with it, and then would have suffered the consequences of rolling it out too soon, while I'm still not happy with it.  

I'm still a little nervous about the fact I'll be using a e-commerce application to process the payments, but the reward is certainly worth the risk. Once I get savvy with all that business all I'm left to do is come up with creative ways to 'make money'. 

Of course that's all short term, just to make sure your mom and you kids have enough food to, you know, survive.. while I'm working on my grand master plan of taking care of my family, AND my community, all in one super productive and fun shot! Without having to worry about money at all!! Yes, there's a plan in place dear friends and priminions, and it is slowly but surely taking shape. However, until that time, I hope you all understand that I still have to actually make a living and hope that people see that this system I'm devising is that best way to do that, while maintaining my views and prior goals of figuring out a new system altogether!

Baby steps. 

The outline for the show is coming together nicely, even if I have nothing down yet. I would imagine it will be fairly baby centred, given that's what your mom and I have been knee deep in pretty much since we got back to Nova Scotia; lord knows I have a LOT to say on the matter, as does everyone else. The only difference is I'll have a microphone... and no 'professional' accreditation to hold me back at all. That's right baby! Ol' daddy speaks his mind directly and always has! That's the beauty of 'standup comedy'. It's opinions without the connection of power which is why I will hang on dearly to that aspect of being a comic, even if I let other aspects go. 

I can get up on stage and rant about the most ridiculous thing in the world and everyone remains perfectly calm in the audience because they know I'm just some schmup among them and not a politician or community leader who's words and plans are going to be implemented.

At least... for now. Muahahahahaha.

Okay kid, that's it. It's 10:51am and I will now get to work while the wood shavings fly outside. If my neighbour comes up I'll be back outside myself. Until then, I have to get moving! I have less than a month to write upwards of 70 minutes of material (note: I took 10 minutes off just so we'll have enough time to switch over the room for the second show)



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