Day 581: Rainy Bank Day


Today it rained and we went to the bank. 

That pretty much sums up the day I think. I'm sure some people love going to the bank, I'm sure they love to go and count up all their money early in the morning and then once again before it closes, just to revel in the false sense of security it gives them. Or maybe that's just Donald Trump. Who can say? For your dad however, the bank has always been a foreboding place full of things that I don't understand and the frustration of their being few other ways to do... well anything, really. 

Nevertheless, we had things to do and we had a lovely bank employee walking us through all the many obstacles ...I mean strategies... for doing whatever it is we were in there to do. I'm kidding of course, I do understand what we were doing there, I just like to repress all bank related events moments after they've occurred. It's a knee jerk mental reaction I'm trying -but not very hard- to overcome. 

The rain was a bit of a welcome news as I was hoping to be able to just get home after our morning out and dig into some work. The wood shed has to get up, I know this, but I also figured that my neighbour wouldn't be getting his cottage placed on its new foundation on a day with soggy ground, which means he likely wouldn't be around anyway. That proved a correct assumption so I took the day to get a lot done. 

I'm sure he's none too happy about it however, as it's yet ANOTHER delay in getting his cottage sorted out; a situation that's lasted pretty much all summer. Once you need to get a certain kind of service up around these parts, you can really start to see how grim things are getting. Hard to find good help, as they say. 

Your mom is getting into a pretty good groove with you two, even when it's just her and I, which allows me to disappear for chunks of time so that I can go get done what I need to do. One of the things I tackled today was a way to sell tickets to the show without going through a third party. I mean, you still have to go through something, even if it's an online addition to your site, but some are more user friendly (and cheaper) than others. 

I landed quite naturally on a service called Stripe as it's natively integrated with my Squarespace account. I watched a couple of videos but found that it was a lot of 'code' speak, which I am not very well familiar with at all. Like I said to Jeannette, I know I could figure it all out, but I don't know that I have the time to; given all the other work I have yet to do. She agreed and thought it might be a good idea to go with the option the theatre had recommended; having the store next door sell the tickets. It's not a terrible system, but having it all in-house would be preferable. 

Also, I'm stubborn. 

I think I actually figured it out and have it now set up on the site. I have to run it through some tests, but everything I've seen so far looks like I have it all set up to accept credit card numbers. I just have to create a digital download of the tickets for people to download and print, they bring that to the show, and bingo, bango, bongo, we have a self-sufficient mode of collecting tickets for a show I'm doing myself. All in-house!!

It's the wave of the future!! 

The promoter I mentioned a few days ago reached out to me today. I didn't have a chance to get back to him, on account of the fact... well, I suppose I just didn't. But I think I will tomorrow. As I said, never hurts to sit down with people to see where their head's are at and what they would like to accomplish themselves. If the two plans can be integrated so that each of us helps the other, I don't see why we wouldn't try.

I'm not sure I'd need anyone for this show, but if I decide to start performing this unwritten thing I'm doing around town and elsewhere in the province, it might help to have someone do the legwork. 

We'll see. 

Other than that my dear little sweet pea, there's not much to relate to you today. It's now 9:22pm and your brother is in bed. He's getting quite funny that kid. We took you both to a place for some food earlier today, after the bank, and everyone there was getting quite a kick out of Blaze's little woodpecker laugh. All except the woman sitting next to us, with a young son of her own. She was a bit of a sour puss.. but her own mother was all over him. 

He now fully recognizes and points to the following objects if you ask him to; clock, door, horse, owl, Hubble, his sister, light, etc. He also knows an assortment of those very same objects by their arabic name and will say ka-ka when he's dropped a deuce in his pants... well, he has done that before, but then he realized he would immediately be flipped over on his back, stripped naked, and have a new diaper thrown on him, a process he very much despises. So now when you ask him if he has a ka-ka, he just makes a bee-line for the farthest point from the place we keep all his stuff. 

We might have a wizard on our hands. 

That's it kid. Your daddy now has to get back to work. It'll be nice when this show is finally written... I only hope it'll be done before the day I'll be performing it.