Day 580 Game Day



After a long day spent eating turkey with your entire immediate family, a first in a good long while, your dad is forced to slap this entry out on his phone -speaking, again, in an unplanned third person- like a caveman using a tiny stylus twig to slap some digital paint on a magical, never ending cave wall.

It's a rather sluggish process however, despite how crazy impressive it is, this phone of mine, so I will do my best to sum it all up quick as I can, before my time for the day, is up. 

Your mother and I are currently watching a taped episode of dancing with the stars.

I'm waisting time already. 

It was a good day Zena, and you were a resounding hit, passed around like the doll ballerina you were forcibly dressed up your mother, surprise, surprise; as a result I didn't see you much all day. Your two aunts had you most of the day I think, though I'm often distracted by spotting for Blaze. By 'spotting' I mean following him on his meandering, seemingly drunken, stumble journey across kitchen floors and backyards and other wordly obstacles thoughout his tireless day. 

He's nonstop that kid, I tell you, just goes goes goes from one thing to another. He's out now, quite unconscious in his crib upstairs, although that hasn't been the case lately. And so the day started out, for me, by pulling him out of his crib sometime in the wee hours and into bed with me where he slept quite peacefully and without anyone getting head butted until the am.

Then we all got up and took about three hours to get you both sorted out before heading over for the thanksgiving festivities early. Four o'clock was dinner but we headed over to your grandparents around 1pm. 

The initial plan was to get some work done while we were there but as always that doesn't end up happening. It's fine, it's Monday so it's technically my day off.. like we've followed that schedule at all to this point. Still, it was a good plan and today was just that so in a sense I suppose we're 'back on track'. We'll go ahead and dismiss the fact I got very little done last week and how much I still have to do! 

The good thing I did manage to get some headway on last week was my wood shed. My neighbour has been helping me, building it himself really, while I just hold boards here and there. It's a pretty kickass little structure that will hold a ton of wood. Judging by the few tools I saw in the driveway when we came in tonight I'm surmising that he has designs on doing some work on it tomorrow. It works for me other than a trip to the bank we have to go on in the am. 

I also saw after we got home tonight that there was a ride on lawnmower on my front lawn, and about half the lawn done. I thought for a second that it might have been my cousins but he said it wasn't. I'm guessing my neighbour also noticed my grass could use cutting and either ran out of light, or gas in his attempt to do me a thanksgiving day solid. I'm interested to see which!

Okay kid, that's it for today. It was nice reconnecting with my sister and her family. I suppose I'm most thankful for that. And for you two little beauties. And Jeannette. And that I've seemingly been given a green light to get back up onstage and start yapping again. Anyway, it's been a while for the whole family to get together and it was good to see. She even cut my hair for me, this sister of mine, which pretty much everyone was in favour of considering the length it's gotten to.

Of course, it's still stupidly long, as I like it, but it's at least on the more civilized side of savagery.
All you can really ask of an otherwise hairless monkey.. no?