Day 575: Comedic Epiphany


It's 8:02pm and I have nothing to say. 

I suppose I never really have anything to say when I sit down to write these things, and then once my fingers start tapping away stuff just comes out. That's the benefit of writing about your daily life, even on mundane days something happens. I don't want to give the impression that I think these things through at all, not that anyone would get that impression if they read this thing on any kind of a consistent basis. It's mainly just a journal most days, though I have designs on making it more. But then, doesn't everybody? 

Zena, it was a better day today, after a better night last night, but the weather still hangs low around this family as the sickness finishes off and begins to dissipate. Blaze was MUCH better last night and pretty much slept the whole night through. It didn't matter of course, as I decided to sleep in my own bed last night and you ended up keeping me up with a rough night of whining and general flipping out yourself. 

I moved over the guest room sometime in the wee hours and then he woke up at 8am. He flopped around with me for another hour before I brought him down and got the day started. I'm usually a mess around that time as lately I've been forced to do more work during the nighttime hours, when you kids are in bed, and as such I'm 'burning the candle at both ends' as they say. Grim. 

My mother is feeling a bit better so she's going to come over tomorrow after lunch and watch you while your mom runs out with Blaze to the bank. I'll use the time to sneak out and keep plugging away and hope to get some solid progress made on the show.

I need a poster and was thinking of just creating a page on the blog to sell the tickets. I don't like the idea of commissioning any of that out; it's just not necessary these days. I want to keep this as in house as possible. Also, essentially I'm only selling about 320 tickets (to sell out the night) and I think if I get all that up and running quickly enough and throw it out on Facebook word of mouth should take care of it. I would love to do more to promote the show, but I just don't think I'll have the time. 

More likely, the consistency I do them, and the amount of new material I use, will be what draws my audiences. Also, there's very little else around here going on!! Compared to cities anyway. 

Of course, the other thought is to not even have a poster and just go word of mouth. It would be keeping with the simplistic theme of this little reboot of mine and might also just end up being how it goes down, considering the amount of time I have to work on ANY of it!! This one will be a feeling out process I think, but I'm excited to get up and running again. I even watched a documentary on Richard Pryor today and found myself getting the old familiar pangs of excitement at the idea of getting a mic in my hand and having a captive audience. 

Funny thing about Richard Pryor -I've also heard this of Jim Carrey and a couple others- is that he too had an epiphany of a kind early in his career, though his had to do specifically with standup comedy and occurred while he was on stage in Las Vegas. He used to do a very clean, Bill Cosby-esque type show, full of impressions and physical comedy. He did it because it was a way into the industry and worked. But it wasn't him. 

Then one night he was performing a big show in Vegas in front of a white, suited audience -the Rat Pack was there- and he experienced an awakening event, stopped in mid joke and walked off stage. They tried to force him back out but he refused to go. He said he realized that they were laughing at him, not with him, and that what he was doing wasn't authentic to him. He got blacklisted from a bunch of Vegas clubs and left it all behind for Berkeley California. He went there with no money and no act and wasn't very popular as you can imagine, but very quickly found his voice and was an unstoppable force from then on. 

Other than the sudden reversal in thinking, there are very few similarities between me and Richard Pryor, I'd be the first to admit that. But I do understand the desire to be more your authentic self and to rebel from the path you're walking that everyone else seems to think you're crazy for turning your back on. Not just everyone else, but the results are hard to disagree with. No doubt had I stayed on the old path I was on I would have continued on an upward trajectory and done reasonably well. But who wants that? 

Clearly not me. I'd rather take a chance and get in touch with what I'm really all about, which I've been doing for the past two and a half years, and then reboot myself and move forward from there. So there you go. That's what I'll be doing from now on..., just as soon as I have time to get some work done on it!! 

Again, I'm not too worried about it. At this point, I'd walk on stage with just a brief outline of things I want to say and let it go from there. It won't be a murderous -every line is intricately planned out- style that I'm used to presenting, but it would probably be much better as a result.

It's the toughest thing in the world, to get out of your own way, but once you can do it, I can imagine it would be a very freeing experience. And yes, every time on stage would be a joy. That was never how it was for me. 

I'm hoping that'll be the big difference this time around. I'll have fun. 

That's it for tonight kid. Let's have another decent night of sleep shall we?
Daddy's got to write a new 80 min of material!!