Day 568: Set & Ready To Go!



Well it's an earlier entry today, despite the fact you are screaming on the table beside me next to your mom. She's trying to feed Blaze. Check that, I just took a minute to go and feed Blaze and you've now calmed down, satisfied that both your mom and me were occupied with you two. The second I get on a computer however, or try to do anything else, one of you gets very upset. 

This is unsustainable my dear. Dad is going to have to get some work done at some point soon. 

Blaze's cold seems much better now, though he still has a bit of a cough. Still, it's loose and clearing up so you know... that's good. Also, you didn't get it, which would have NOT been good, so we're happy about that. You do still scream like a banshee if left down for too long, succumbing as you seem to be doing, to the addiction of being held. It's hard not to, cute as you are, but this, too, is unsustainable. 

I've had a productive day so far. I just finished cleaning the garage and stacking all the wood I had laying in the middle of the floor for the past week or so. I'm finally able to park the car in there, which is a good thing, considering the corrosive nature of being so close to the ocean. Another tip I was given by one of my neighbours. 

Speaking of which, I went down into town and swapped out the screws. I got three inch screws yesterday when I needed two and a half. Not a big deal I don't think, but I figured it's best to have all the right equipment if it can at all be helped. I have no intention of wasting anyone's time anymore and want to get this little project up and finished asap, though I haven't seen my neighbour today. He's got a ton of stuff going on of his own down at his place and the weather is a little balls today which tends to keep people their cottages so that's likely why.

I'm pretty excited to have this thing put up. I've still got a lot of wood laying around out there. And the temperature, as they say, is a' dropping. 

I took Blaze with me this morning as it's Wednesday, which means it's my morning with him. We had some other things to pick up so the screws really weren't a big to do. We were going to have to hitch up the wagon and go for milk, and coffee cream, and chicken, anyway. I had planned on taking him back to the mall in order to double down on the memory work but by the time we got our stuff done we were both sweating. The temperature, despite what they say, was humid and uncomfortable today and I felt no need to prolong it when we could be back home in the cool breeze of the North Mountain. 

It's now threatening rain. 

Last night was a good night with you two demons. Well, I can't speak for your mother, who was likely up with you strapped to her boob for most of the evening, but Blaze slept till a very solid 7am and then crashed a little longer with me in the guest room. I'm sure there will be a day when I'll look forward to getting up at that hour, perhaps even earlier, but not yet! My brain just doesn't kick in to a sufficient degree early like that, most likely because I spend most of the night using it to its limits and it hasn't rested properly or for long enough. 

Hopefully this will be a new trend with Blaze, sleeping through the night like this. I hate to cross my fingers, on account of the work I have to do coming up -with hammers and whatnot- but I do silently hope he does. 

Hubble is having a bit of a rough day today. He seems to be trying to cough something up that's either gone down the wrong way, or wasn't supposed to be there to begin with. It's been going on for the last half hour or so, intermittently, but seems to go away after a few hacking attempts. I hope he's okay, the little turd. He's in no other distress so I don't think there's any cause for real alarm, but he'll be much better off if he can just get it up and out and be done with it. 

We have a babysitter coming over today, Megan will be joining us after school.

Now that the blog is done that should give me enough time to get into the standup and maybe make some headway. I don't know, life is always much better when I get these entries pumped out earlier. It probably helps that I now have my big computer sitting on the kitchen table instead of held hostage in the baby room. The fuse is fixed and all, I could certainly put it back where it's supposed to go, but things aren't getting done very quickly around here lately, as you can imagine.