Day 567: Bit of A Day



Well my dear Zena, your dad had a bit of a discombobulated day, truth be told. 

It started out at a relatively early hour, given our recent schedule. I was on the couch in a bathrobe trying to feed Blaze a banana at around 8:30am when my neighbour came and knocked at my door. He'd stopped by to see about doing some work on my wood shed and found that the wood I'd gotten was the wrong stuff. He was displeased. I was even more displeased given my history with this kind of thing -wood and handyman type stuff.

So I had to go down today and get the right stuff, and return what I didn't need. 

My neighbour isn't too sure what to do with me I don't think. Given his background he's more accustomed to people who, you know, get up early and go to work. He made a comment today about us sleeping in like we do. My only reply was to shrug my shoulders and say, "I don't man, I'm a comedian." 

It's not that I don't think the early part of the day is the best part of the day, as he maintains, and many others do. I've been out there on my fair share of early mornings, both working and golfing, but for my money, the night time is the best time. The time when everyone else is in bed. 

Anyway, it's no big deal, but I had to get your grandfather with his multi-purpose caravan that he uses like a half-ton truck to come with me to pick it all up.

For some reason I just got off to a bad start today and was out of sorts all day. It started with my trip to pick up the wood and continued on when I went to pick up a dresser that Jeannette bought off a guy on Facebook this morning. He was close to the ...wood... store but by the time we got all the way there and got out of the van I remembered that I had given the $50 I had in my pocket to James last night; he came over to check on the furnace and we paid him the rest we owed him for lugging the wood around. 

So we had to go back out to pick up some cash, then return to pick up the dresser. 
By this time it was raining.

When we got home I started working on a standup routine. Yes, that's right. There's nothing like having all your weaknesses shoved into your face in short and rapid order to begin to feel the pull back toward something you actually know how to do. 

That's one of the most frustrating parts of having moved back home, I'm no longer around other performer types who understand all the various things we do and have an appreciation for the amount of work and effort it takes to get there, and the skill set one requires to pull it off and do it well. People around here don't really get that. And it's cool. Hey man, the whole reason I'm living where and how I'm living is because I feel it's important for me to pick up all these skills that I missed out on as a kid. 

Unless it's not in my nature and I'm doomed to continue to suck at all of it! 

Who can say??

The reasons are varied but the main one is that it's time to get back on stage. I'm not done with all that, not yet, though it will be much different this time around. I always used to make fun of comedians like George Carlin and Chris Rock because they seemed to be trying to hard to make a point. "Be funny first," was always what I used to say. 

Then I grew up a little and started to realize what likely led them to go down that road to begin with. And now here we are. I've got two kids and live in an area that seems to be in pretty rough shape in a lot of ways. Doing a bit of standup around town, in one location in particularly I'm thinking, won't do much to help any of that to begin with, but it will be a good way to let people know I'm around and to start meeting the creative types around here. I suppose that's where my grand master plan for world connectivity would start.. the other people in my field in my location. 

It was very strange sitting down and trying to work out a set. First of all I'm doing it completely differently than I ever have before. I used to just throw whatever bits really worked together and made it flow, forced it to, but there was never any through line to my standup sets. I'm changing all that this time around. 

The comedy must be with a purpose this time or I can tell you right now that I won't bother doing it. Not even that I won't bother doing it, it likely won't even come out of me. I have some ideas on how to do that but we'll see how long it'll take me to shake the cobwebs off. I figure if it doesn't take long and I can get something close to a good outline for what I'd like to say then I'll go ahead and book the little theatre and see about doing a string of shows perhaps some time in November. 

This is all just spit balling at this point, but in order to continue to do what I want to do in the realm of writing and memory work, I've got to get out there and get something going! It seems to be naturally coming out of me this time, which I'm quite pleased about, as it doesn't feel forced at all. I also think enough time has passed that I can perhaps come at it with a new perspective and fresh outlook. It'll also be the first time I'll have performed after getting all that experience on Package Deal. 

Anyway, kid, you seem to have tummy issues and are driving your mom crazy. Blaze is in bed and I'm now done this thing. Have a good sleep. You're gorgeous.