Day 561: Two for One #breakdown


Dear Zena,

I found out when I sat down to write this blog that the one I wrote last night didn't post. I'm not surprised given the issues I've been having with my technology lately... and my available writing time, which has been non-existant as you can imagine. I also wasn't overly diligent when posting it before bed last night and should have known there was an issue when it didn't post to any social media.

No matter, who cares about all that when it's Blaze's official first birthday!

To mark the occassion he's fallen ill with a good bit of cold. Snotty nose, coughing and general flipping out for no apparent exterior reason. Poor sausage. That didn't stop us from having a great time today as we pretty much spent the whole day together while your mom stayed home and continued to sort you out. This will be the way of things for the forseeable future.

I've had to flow with the schedule changes, a realization I had last night when contemplating the amount of help Jeannette is going to need now that we have the second little ridder in the house. My cousins are all in school, Sitto is back in Ottawa... it's just us and the wee ones, which, given how much attention you need from your mom my little weed, means dad and Blaze are about to spend a lot more time together.

If we didn't have my parents consistent help we'd really be in the weeds!

Rather than get anxious over the fact my work schedule is about to change dramatically I purposefully thought of a way I could fuse the two together. It just so happens I'm now at the point in the memory work when I can go out and start applying it... so we went to the mall!

It'll be the first of many daily adventures, no doubt, as Blaze gets to see where his dad grew up, and then some, and I memorize staging areas for my memory work and walk a lot.

That's what I did at the mall today actually, memorized all the shops and their locations using the system. The purpose of this is to then use those remembered and categorized locations for storing information later.

It took me three trips back and forth, which was great for Blaze as it allowed him to sleep, and for me, as each pass I tinkered with the images to lock them in, but even now as I sit here I can remember every single store... of course, it's the Annapolis Valley so the mall only had 35 stores: still, it's a start.

It wasn't all work of course. Blaze got his first taste of a games room. They have one in the mall with a full babysitting service. I initially went in to ask if I could just walk around, but when we got in there we found a little area for tables so I sat down and fed him, surrounded as I was with what looked to be a gaggle of teenage moms. After that we got to work sampling all the fun fun this place had to offer. His favourte was the swing, no question, as he found it quite hilarious that my head would snap back as if he blasted me in the face every single time  he swung my way.

After all the mall/memory fun we went to KFC due to strict orders from your mother. She literally said something to the effect of ; "get me KFC because having 2 babies in less than two years wasn't enough trauma for my insides."   

Or maybe she was just craving it for a while... who can say? I'm exhausted. 

Anyway, we're now in bed again -I honestly don't remember the last one of these I wrote uninterrupted- and will have another full day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll get to write a bit earlier in the day, but I won't be holding my breath.

I've just been informed the internet is down. See! This is what I'm talking about,  

Technology! (shakes fist) 

Nite baby girl.