Day 546: New Beginnings


Dear Canada (and all other countries)

You don't exist.

Are you aware of that? Did you know that you're nothing but a creation of the mind, agreed upon by the various people who live here, and the people of the world who look at you on a map and accept you're a real thing.

A massive 'club' then, is what I suppose I'm calling you, with all due respect and admiration for our people; a club with a flag and a song and leader (such as we have), and everything else you'd need to separate yourself from any of the other clubs around you, but a club nonetheless.

Here's the thing with clubs, they must first and foremost recognize and accept their "clubbiness"; most importantly, their inherent requirement to update with the times, else the "club" be completely disbanded. For an example of this go watch any women playing golf at Augusta National.. or for that matter, Tiger Woods. A club then, just like a country, or a person, or a tree, must either bend with the seas of change, or break. 

It's a troubling consideration, I know, that you're not a real thing, that you're not infallible, that you aren't an indestructible object in a really big box that can be protected and maintained if all your people just sit on that box and do nothing but keep everyone else out of it, but a consideration I hope you're capable of entertaining for a moment without the knee jerk reaction of "but how many grandfathers fought in The War to protect me!!.."

Yeah, yeah, both of mine fought, not to mention all my family and friends in the military, but I'm just going to go ahead and make this point because it is, in fact, in service to all those men and women, and the freedoms they fought for, instead of in direction conflict.

I'm also going to make this point because I need to say what seems so glaringly obvious to me now. 

Our countries are meaningless in the face of what's happening to our planet at this point in our history; ashes in the face of a stinging wind. The human race is coming together in a way never before seen in the history of this world. No doubt the pyramids are more than we give them credit for of course, but even still, we have yet to dig down in the strata and find any Egyptians clutching iPhones.

The people of our collective race are now able to connect and talk and share stories and lives and knowledge and information at light speed from anywhere on Earth. This is quite new. 

In the face of this unstoppable evolutionary force we're all being swept along in, without any direction from any one leader I should add, what is a country then?

Currently I suppose I would define a country as this: a geographically based mental construct shared by a bunch of people that is averse to change and growth. 

Uh oh. That's a bit of a problem then, as all of reality is nothing BUT change and growth. This is a fact, not just of spirituality but also of science. Nothing is permanent. Nothing stays the same. All of life, from your fingernails to the atoms that make up our sun, are in a constant state of motion, flux and thus change. And yet here we are, nearly all of us (with the exception of perhaps the Swedes) keeping people, desperate people, human people, from entering any of these little 'country constructs' of ours, because we fear those two inherent aspects of nature; change and growth.

I get it of course, we want to protect what's ours! Right?! 
Yes, well the truth of the matter is that nothing is. 

Look, I get it, sometimes it's tough to determine what is an existential threat to our lives and what isn't. A fascist dictator killing millions of people based on their race is an existential threat, certainly to those people targeted, but also, I would argue, to the rest of the world at large. Why? Because the dictator in question is basing his deeds on his own opinions and interpretations, filtered through a dark, twisted ego, and spewed out into the world in the guise of violence and mayhem and death. 

As any of us who are old enough and experienced enough can tell you, opinions and interpretations tend to lead to other awful places if left unchecked.

We recognized then that we either stopped this man and all those who followed him, or it would be another opinion, about us next time, that he may want to exterminate. Existential threat... averted.

Some would say we face that very same threat now.  

Are we not right to close up our gates, to baton down the hatches and dig a giant moat in the face of the darkness that seems to be sweeping the planet? Are we not right to protect our kith and kin from these people in any means necessary? Can one not say that these Muslim aggressors (I speak of ISIS) are not made from the same cloth, exterminating whole groups of people and on the way to do the same to us? Should we not then, respond in kind and shut down shop to anyone who's even close to them, for fear that they too might be infected with this darkness and infect our brothers and sisters? 

It seems to me the real question is what kind of person do you want to be?
What kind of world do you want to live in?
How do you, as a person in your own right, respond to adversity or to someone in need?

If you clam up, shut up, do nothing, and close your door, judging perhaps that the person taking the beating in the street somehow deserves it, then likely you haven't continued reading this entry to this point anyway. Thankfully, this isn't MOST people. 

For my part, I recognize that it's more important what I focus my own attention on, how I want to behave in this world, what I want to teach my children (recognizing that they respond to actions over words) and whether or not that reaction is going to help or hurt the situation. Since I further realize that you cannot bomb an idea, that you can't kill an inherent breakdown in the systems of man and the inevitable wave of reactions and violence in response to it, you will never get rid of a perceived evil by simply blowing it up.

So we're already failing, and right out of the gate!

See how pernicious this country idea is!!

More violence will spring up to take its place because, much as we hate it, we create it with the very selfishness we're seeing around us; reflected in the actions of entire countries to keep people in need off their land. How have we not learned this lesson yet; that violence merely begets MORE violence? 

We're living in a near global state of delusion and it's crippling us. 

Now look, my dear Canada, country of my birth, I'm not a crazy person, I fully recognize that you are in fact, an established "thing" with borders and laws and rules and a bunch of people (38 million or so) who run around claiming to be subscribers to you, to be followers of you, to be "Canadian Humans". I merely mean to say that in any real sense, you don't actually exist. You're not a real thing that has to be dealt with like a meteor, or a transport truck heading in your direction, or a bag of pickles. You are a creation, an agreement between a bunch of people living on a piece of land, and as such can literally be altered, changed, disagreed, or elevated in about as long as it takes for a bunch of people to nod their heads and say 'yes!'. 

It's not like I'm telling you anything you don't already know, if perhaps you haven't quite heard someone come out and say it. You're quite obviously already breaking down, dear national concoction of mine. We're not the people we once were. You hardly need anyone to point that out, I shouldn't think.

You're breaking down, dear Canada, for the same reasons that all nations are beginning to break down. Because we cannot put life in a box that was created in our minds. It's not just you, of course, this can be seen rather dramatically everywhere on Earth right now. You can call it the Migrant crisis if you wish, though a Refugee Crisis is more accurate. 

It's an important distinction that, the difference between a migrant and a refugee: A migrant is someone heading to another country -one of those mythical things I mentioned at the outset- in order to find a better life for themselves. Perhaps they're looking for more money, or a better job, a better life, somewhere they can be free to practice their particular brand of devotion without being ridiculed or persecuted. 

It's when that person IS persecuted that they become what is known as a refugee, which is to say, someone quite literally fleeing for their life. 

We've all seen the pictures and video by now I'm sure. Whether it's a three year old washing up on a beach in Turkey, or people trying to hand their kids through razor wire fencing on the Hungarian border in order to escape death. Literal death. Not the death of an economy, not the death of a principle or idea, but actual, knife to the heart.. death, death. It's happening all around us and it will continue and escalate until we all collectively decide to allow acceptance and compassion to enter into our hearts and guide our actions rather than the fear narraitives we allow ourselves to believe; narratives that keep us apart and in constant turmoil.

Global consciousness is what we need.

What is currently being practiced is tribal consciousness. It's from the jungle and I'm pretty sure if we had half the respect for the hardships our ancestors endured to create the lives we've enjoyed on this part of the planet, we would immediately do the only thing we should do which is open our borders up and provide the same fertile ground for all the children of gOd, no matter their language, creed, background or belief, to provide the same opportunity for them to put roots down and flourish.

If we wish for Canada to be anything that truly survives and prospers into the future then we must stop thinking of it as a special country that must be protected, and start thinking of it for what it is; a garden, to be nurtured amd grown. 

A country is a made up thing, with borders to keep people out, a garden however is a natural thing that has no borders, only boundaries; boundaries that can be expanded to accommodate as many seeds as you would like to plant. The only limitations to that process is within the gardener his or herself. 

I believe we can accommodate as many of the people fleeing their countries as we can fit into ours. Their arrival and settlement will only increase the vibrancy and self-sustaining nature of our own garden. I don't know about you, but this country seems a bit stale these days anyway.

Something to consider dear country of mine, as I stated at the outset; which is yet another luxury we have that a lot of people on this planet don't have right now.. time and options.

The question is, what will we do with it?