Day 545: Hot and Bothered


No baby!

Jeannette is currently laying in our bed with a tiny heel sticking out of her abdomen like a still shot from the movie Alien about halfway through the scene where the creature first pops out of that doctor's chest. It looks painful, and gruesome, and gorgeous, and threatening all at once! Elaine once said in a Seinfeld episode, referring to the male penis and the fact that it shrinks in cold water; "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things."

Yeah, well pregnancy is WAY crazier!

Every time she has cramps her mom and I assume this is it. Turns out... just cramps. 

So she's trying to sleep a bit now, while her mom and Blaze are downstairs, and I am getting to work. It's a fairly late 12:45 but I did sleep in with a bit of a headache today. Last night wasn't as bad as it's been, as little Blazer managed to stay unconscious until about 5:30am, but when I went in and picked him up he had completely peed through the entire world... well, his diaper and clothing at least. We'll also need to change his sheets.

He was cold and wet and quite miserable when I took him into the bedroom and began changing him in the dark, while his mom went and grabbed him a bottle. Shrieks and screams. That's what he passed the time with while waiting to get sorted out. I would have preferred he just flipped quietly through the pages of one of his thick wooden baby books, but what are you going to do? 

He'd spent gOd knows how much time sleeping in his own urine. He can react however he'd like. 

After we got him sorted out he was still quite upset and cold so we just plopped him in bed with us and the three of us kept sleeping. He flopped back and forth a lot, as is his MO, until finally settling in with me and passing out till about 8:30. Not bad given the state he was in when he first came to, also not bad considering how much he did actually sleep last night, but still a discombobulating night overall.

I don't know, I think I'm just getting used to it now. The bad nights are affecting my actual days less and less; perhaps my body is finally adapting to... you know... adulthood. 

I just threw up in my mouth a little. 

It's funny, yesterday my older sister brought over her son and her two foreign students; part of a program with the school where she teaches that has various kids from various countries staying with her and other host families during the school year. The school year having just started back up, she now has two guys, one Brazilian and one Italian. The Italian one, by all accounts, is supposed to be quite a soccer player and though I didn't get to confirm it with him, also does some modelling in Italy for Nike. That's the story anyway. 

Both guys were very cool, I liked them a lot. They got a kick out of Blaze who was at the heights of his performance skills yesterday, showing his limited but still staggering awareness of vocabulary, both English and Arabic, as well as doing his maniacal little laugh pretty much the whole time. I guess my sister had been telling the boys about me a little and so while we were all sitting down the Italian turns to me suddenly and goes, "So you're an actor?" And I say, "Well, yeah, I have been in the past." And he smiles and goes, "That's so cool." Then a while later the questions started to come, from both of them. They wanted to know the most beautiful place I've ever been during my travels and had a bunch of other questions along those lines. 

The funny thing wasn't the questions, as we had a great conversation -although, Jeannette has been to far more places than I have so she dominated the "most beautiful place" conversation, and for good reason. We also talked a little about acting, and then also about hockey. What was funny was that I realized later that I'd gone and transitioned from being in their shoes, the young, adventuring kid who wanted to go out into the world and tear it up a little, to being the settled old dude who's been there and done that and now has a ton of stories to relate to anyone who cares to ask; and when talking to boys from the ages of 15-19, generally you're asked a lot of questions. 

Adults don't ask a lot of questions like that I find. Whether it's through lack of interest or some other reason, I don't get a lot of "so what was it like to..." Which is quite fine for me, focusing as I am on the present and all. Still, every once in a while it's fun to think back at what's happened, what I've done, and tell stories. It's also really great way to pass on information that might in turn, inspire or educate a couple of other young kids who are just getting ready to go out and do the same thing. 

It really hadn't hit me until last night that I'd even made this transition. I still think of myself as someone who's only just started my path and am only now getting into the really interesting part of it. The other stories I have, the other events that I've been through, in my opinion, were all just a grooming period to get me back here. As such, I don't often talk about the past, about what I've done or where I've been, and focus now much more on what's happening now and what I can do to get to the place I want to go from here. 

Still, it was fun being forced into recollecting some of my past by inquiring young minds, who themselves are on quite an adventure, being far away from home with people they don't know, living with a family they have no connection to whatsoever. 

The Italian is also a great cook as it turns out. His father owns and runs a restaurant over in Italy. He was showing us a couple of his signature dishes; a lobster dish and a steak dish, that Jeannette quickly established we would get him to cook for us at some point while he's here visiting. In return, she'll cook them up a Lebanese feast. This works out beautifully for yours truly, as I get to devour two or three complete meals without having to cook anything myself! Although, when I made the mistake of making that point out loud, Jeannette pointed out that I would of course be paying for all of it. 

Again, for someone who doesn't care about money, I still come out on top!!

My intrepid tractor man James is here this morning finishing up the dragging of the trees. I'll now go out and do a bit of work in the garage and then likely join him in sorting the wood situation out, though I might wait for the heat to die down a bit. It's hot as balls up on the mountain today. Likely even worse down in the valley. I'll do everything I can to avoid having to go down there for anything at all today; with the exception of getting Jeannette to close her legs and grit her teeth, should the baby decide now is the time for it's arrival. 

I don't like the heat, but I'm not a monster!

Come on Mackinley.. get here already!