Day 543: Did I Say September 5th??


Well it's not over yet. Technically there's a few hours left... or a little less than that. Jeannette could surely go into a sudden labour, though it's hardly the scenario I'm currently in a position to hope for, tired as I am. No, I suppose it's as good a time as any to wave the white flag and admit I have no idea when this baby is coming!! 

Jeannette is now convinced when she does come she'll be a trouble maker. Well first of all, she is now quite convinced it's a girl, and now has further convinced herself that that girl will be a trouble maker. Poor fetus! All its doing is its own thing, getting ready in it's own good time, and here we are already taking a defensive posture. Not good guys! Not good. 

Worse still is if she comes out a he

Worse only because of the surprise you understand, not because we don't want another boy. I'll take another boy. Fo shizzle I will. It's just that everyone and their dog has called this one a girl from pretty much the get go.. except my niece Jaylin who said boy; though I'm pretty sure she was just trying to be devil's advocate. It's not like her eyes went all white and a sudden fog rolled in or anything. No oracle's here.

As for the day, it was a good and productive one other than the no babies. Blaze has begun a new pattern of waking up screaming right around 1am, and then being unwavering in his whining and general crying until he gets into bed with us. I've tried a few different techniques with him, letting him cry a good while, as I did last night, giving him a bottle, but in the end he's getting his way and getting into bed with us. I'm full of resolve in the day, but I will admit to wavering when I'm in a zombiefied state and know that there's one sure way to get him chilled out and get back to bed, and that's dumping him off with his mom. 

Last night was a little different as he was clearly bothered by something and was more upset than usual. Even when in bed with us he was flipping out and not at all pleased with his lot in life. Took him a while to chill out. Hopefully tonight is different, but I'm guessing we'll be in trouble again. 

We got up, had breakfast, sat around drinking coffee watching Blaze play, and then I went outside and threw some wood around. I definitely made headway today, but the yard is still inundated. Still, I'm managing to fill up the garage, have already loaded up the basement furnace room, and got what appear to be some fairly solid looking planks delivered today from my neighbour down the road. He's the guy that lent me the splitter. I have a lot more work to do before I bother building a shelter for the wood but I'm hoping to get it all done this month at least. 

After I finished that up Jeannette and her mom took Blaze to my parents house and spent some time with my mother while I got to work. Jeannette was hoping to get some walking in as she tries to get this baby out of her. The massage she had the other night didn't help much at all, besides providing some relief to her lower back. I tried to tell her that I could completely relate, sore as my own back is from slinging wood, but that just got me a punch to the face. 

It's a slow and steady plod but today was an efficient day. I have all my people picked out for the PAO -yes, I've still been tinkering- and today figured out some locations to put them. I've decided to add some actions natural to the actor I'm using, rather than an action I dreamed up that has no connection. It's a detail that will make no sense to you unless you're into this kind of thing.. so for now I'll move on. But in time, if you're interested, I'll have a LOT more to say on the matter. 

I'm now watching hyena's tearing apart the body of a some wild animal as David Attenborough narrates. Have I mentioned I'm exhausted?? 

I can't believe the baby didn't come today!! I was sure of it!! She's showing no signs whatsoever!! 

The good news is that her mom will be staying with us a little longer, an extra 10 days if memory serves, so even though the little worm has decided to hold firm to the innards of Jeannette, her mom will still get plenty of time with her.. or him.. once they finally deign to arrive and grace us with their presence. She's a great woman to have around I can say in all sincerity. We love having her. Jeannette and her are very close and I love watching her speak Arabic to Blaze. There's no doubt he'll be able to speak this language, with half of his family being completely fluent. The only question is... will I???

Still no name, though I haven't had a chance to look for the book much. Perhaps that's what the baby is waiting for. She doesn't want to come out and be named Darwin. I should really get on that, we're now in deep waters baby wise as Jeannette is now officially overdue. I don't understand why it's taking so long, Does this kid not know that if it doesn't come out I can't possibly put another one in there??!?!?

I kid of course. The plan is to take a break after this one OBVIOUSLY...
still, stranger things have happened. 

Okay kids, that's it. I need sleep, and also Jeannette has determined that we try one more method of getting this baby ball rolling. As a result, I'll need to go upstairs and do whatever I'm told. 

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do!