Day 542: No book, no baby

Happy Birthday Sitto

Happy Birthday Sitto

Yesterday was a fruitless endeavour book-wise.

Turns out the Kentville library isn't the mecca of material one would expect from a town of about 7000. They did have a couple of the Aztec books, just not the original. When I say they "had" a couple of the books, I meant they were able to find a couple of them somewhere in the Annapolis Valley. She said she could order it in but I told her I was on a time crunch and that it wouldn't matter by the time it came anyway.


No worries, I'm not entirely out of options yet, if perhaps running very rapidly out of time; especially if I give any credence whatsoever to my own prediction of a September 5th birth... which of course, I do! I'll do another online search today, hoping to stumble across it on some random web page, but that doesn't feel much better than getting it from a faceless Amazonian in the mail. Still, beggars can't be choosers, and I am rapidly falling into the begging category. 

The doctor's appointment yesterday went well.

Hmmm, that's not entirely true I suppose, given the fact Jeannette was hoping he would take one look at her vagina and immediately order her up to the hospital. "This baby is half way out! Can you not see her waving to you?? What are you still doing here?!"

Sadly, that didn't happen. She's no more dilated than she was when we saw him last week: 3cm. Worse still, she's lost 3 pounds! That had us a little nervous when we first checked her weight before seeing the doctor. The woman who weighed her, an assistant to the doctor, didn't say anything about it; I suppose it's not her place, which left us wondering aloud in his office what it might mean. I tried to put as positive a spin on it, without knowing anything about it whatsoever, but in the end really just cautioned patience. The doctor would be in and everything would be fine. 

That's pretty much what happened. He didn't seem to concerned at all about the fact she'd lost some weight; mostly attributing it to the fact she's had a landslide of diarrhea the past week or so -if you consider that too much information you either haven't been reading this blog long, or perhaps shouldn't continue to read it in the future! Full disclosure guys. 

Besides, who the hell are we trying to impress? 

He said she could just be a little dehydrated from all that poo nonsense and that could explain the weight loss but he wasn't concerned at all. In his opinion she's still firing on all cylinders and everything is moving along beautifully. Given the amount she is dilated we're not holding our breath for a delivery today, though that could change in a hurry. I would have been quite happy to be wrong in my own prediction, to have the baby come today, as it's Jeannette's mother's birthday and that would have been pretty cool. 

But nope, it looks like I'll be right again.. sheesh... and it'll come tomorrow. 

This morning at breakfast I said to both of them that I really do hope it comes today, but that if it DOES come tomorrow...

I never want to be questioned on anything I say ever again! 

A bit of a stretch there of course, lord knows I'm wrong more often than I'm right, but as we approach the day I've officially called as being our true delivery date it just makes it more fun to amp up the drama. Know what I'm saying?? Hell, if the baby does come out tomorrow I may even retire my old navy sweat pants and sandals for a robe, bare feet, and red dot in the centre of my forehead. I guess we'll see. 

Poor Jeannette. She's struggling with it now. If she was desperate to get the baby out last week she's quite beside herself at this point. She fully doesn't understand why if the baby has come to term, and she's SOOO uncomfortable, why it just doesn't come already. Strange, that, that a baby can't grasp simple reason and logic, especially when you're the one thinking it, and they're currently inside YOU! 

Bad communication when you think about it. Jeannette's brain is just a few feet away from the baby's after all. I mean, surely there's a direct link in there somewhere. And yet, no dice. The baby remains firmly planted in place. 

Blaze made his attempt at helping his mother along earlier today. When his grandmother lowered him toward his mom -Jeannette being in bed at the time- he power headbutted her right in the vagenie. Now see, that DOES seem somewhat logical when you think about it. I remember doing that to get my old Nintendo going. Or blowing on it. But I think that's beyond little Blaze's abilities at this early juncture in his development. 

Well that's it for today. I started this blog earlier in the day and then Blaze commandeered my office for a nap. I haven't had chance to return to this thing till now. I got a lot of wood work done today. The splitter is an absolute gem!

Night munks. 
The next time I write you I should probably have welcomed another little human to the planet. 
Wish us luck.