Day 539: A World Full of Tiny Aggressors

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No one got stung by bees or bitten by ticks yesterday.

I feel like that's an unfortunate commentary on the bar we've set over here on the mountain. A good day has become a day in which we don't get attacked by a tiny aggressor. Still, any cause is good cause to be positive, so the fact none of us have any stingers embedded in our skin is cause for celebration! 

I'm a little loopy today, not going to lie. Last night was another rough night of sleep. Blaze woke up at 2am, along with the rest of us, when the phone rang. I was groggy when I first heard it and when I tried to hit mute I think I answered it, so I just picked it up and hung it up. No one called back so hopefully it was just a wrong number. Still, the damage was done and Blazer was awake. 

Once again I went in and picked him, made the slow plod back to our room, and threw him in bed with us. This is increasingly becoming what is an obvious bad choice on my part, as he's getting used to it and as a result is becoming less and less easy to settle down in his crib. Now he refuses to go back to sleep in the crib and fights me every time. The problem with this, besides the obvious, is that when he gets into bed with us he doesn't sleep whatsoever. He just flops back and forth, trying to head butt us with that big round sledge hammer of a head of his. 

This means that basically neither Jeannette nor I slept much from about 2am onward. In addition, Jeannette had what can only be called a false labour last night; in that she felt the baby beginning to mine it's way down through her lady bits into the little opening of light that is the world. I'm sure doctors would put it another way, but essentially that's what was happening. Jeannette kept saying she didn't think it was contractions, but that it was hard to say. In addition to this we've both been made VERY aware that often times the second baby comes out a lot quicker; so we were on high alert. 

After a couple of hours the sensation passed and the baby settled down. Blaze kept his own shenanigans up however, and so it didn't really matter. We didn't sleep much. 

Thankfully I did manage to go to bed fairly early yesterday, and then once we got up this morning, ate, and played with Blaze in the living room, we all managed to go up and nap a bit. Now I'm up and trying to get some work done before we get all packed up and go in to visit my grandfather and his lady friend. We haven't seen much of them this summer, both parties being rather busy, so before we get ensconced in more baby, and more snow, we figured we should get in there and see how they're doing. 

It's a beautiful day up here, so that helps burn off the mental cobwebs, but then, that's not helping me out that much as I sit here in the BASEMENT yapping at you guys. 

My pitches are coming along fairly well, I worked pretty diligently on it last night. I'm going for five minute pitches because A) as a comic I'm used to having a 'tight five' and B) Most people will sit through a five minute pitch, especially if the idea is sound and the pitch itself is somewhat entertaining. Given the response to my idea from most people, as well as my history of performing, I'm relatively convinced I have both those aspects covered, it's just a matter of getting all out in a presentable and easy to support fashion. 

It's not like any other ideas are catching hold out there!

Perhaps I'm a little pessimistic as I'm writing this while watching PBS news; in dismay over visuals of a border of razor wire fence put up by Hungary to keep Syrian refugees out of their country. Imagine that? Families with kids fleeing death only to find a wall of more death put up by a neighbour who would rather watch them die on the outskirts of their country, than figure out a way to adjust their thinking and accept the mass exodus of humanity at their door. 

This is no good my friends. We're heading in the opposite direction we should be. 

I see now that there's a lot of upheaval in Lebanon as well, which is where my wife's family is from, and where her mother and step father are planning on heading later this month. It seems the country has stopped collecting garbage, which is a problem that gets out of hand in a hurry, as you can imagine. I was in Toronto once when there was a strike by garbage collectors and it became a bad scene quickly! Now, in Lebanon, the trash is causing blood to boil and people are beginning to think they're government isn't fit to be in power and are starting to hold mass protests. 

One might say it's not a great time to go visit Lebanon, but really, where in the world is safe from unrest these days? Only fair, I suppose, that in our shrinking environment, with the opening up of the world by way of technology and travel, we share all the burdens and all the boons, of the systems of organization and government that we've concocted, elected, or turned a blind eye to and allowed through apathy to come to control.

There's gotta be a better way guys. There has to be. And no doubt, there have been, plenty of better ways, when you look down through history at how things have been in the past. 

Of course in order to take wisdom from the past you have to be of the opinion that we're not the be all end all of historical humanity. You can't look at everything that came before us and see it as a result of barbaric savagery just because the people and cultures involved didn't have cell phones and private jets. Our modern day baubles are not proof of our heightened level of civilization, but rather, the result of an evolutionary process none of us individually really understand.

Nevertheless, if we cling to the idea that we're superior, wherever we live in the world, and that we have the RIGHT way, and everyone else needs to stay out and get their own shit together, we are collectively doomed. 

Okay, that's enough for today. The news has moved on to Donald Trump and the American election, which is only marginally more disturbing and disheartening than the super lame election that is happening in Canada at the same time. And I guarantee you having this nonsense on in the background as I type away at this keyboard is not going to lead to anything positive so I'll just shut it down now.

Have a good day munks. 
I'm hoping to have something to pitch you very soon.