Day 537: Whirling Dervish

My 94 year old grandfather made that for him before he was born. His intentions for it look... ominous.

My 94 year old grandfather made that for him before he was born. His intentions for it look... ominous.

Yesterday ended up being a busy day. I got a lot done.

After I yapped at you schleps in the morning I went and did a bit of book work. While working on that I had an idea that might speed along the dictation process between my mother and I. When I say "speed" it along, I suppose I should have just said "started it" as we have yet to accomplish a single dictation; of course that's more my fault, than it is my mother's, who has said from the beginning that she'd help me out. I simply haven't gotten my 'shit' together in a sufficiently packed pile for her to have much to do. 

It's all still head work! 

My mountain friend was telling me that I should probably get out more, start meeting some people in the area; he assured me that good conversations could be had all over the place, but I'm not there yet. The best way I could explain it to him was like this: any spare time I have I'm working on the memory work; which is to say, any time I'm not needed by life, love, or kids, I'm inside my own head while at the same time splashing images and words on a white board so that I can work it all out in front of me. There will be a time -and it's rapidly approaching now, I can feel it- when I will no longer need to splash any cave paint on any walls, when I won't need to 'see' it in front of my face, when all of the drawings and systems will be easily accessible by closing my eyes, and that will allow me to branch out and start meeting people, talking, and getting some things done in this area. 

Not yet. 

So that was pretty much my day yesterday, while the rest of the crew was out galavanting around the valley. I tried very hard to stick to a semi-schedule of my activities yesterday, though it was pretty casually done. For instance, once I finished the blog and started working on getting down some character ideas I'd come up with for the book. I worked on that for about an hour, nothing too strenuous, got out what I needed to get out, and then took a break and went and watched a bit of a nature show on Netflix.

...poor, poor Polar Bears... stupid arctic ice sheets!

After that I went outside with the wheel barrow and decided to try to make a dent in the debacle that is my yard. The plan I've come up with is as follows; clean up all the brush from the yard, burn it, clean up all the pieces of wood with the wheel barrow, stack it and dry it; I can use it as kindling through the winter or as fuel for fire pit outside. There's actually quite a bit of wood laying around out there. I shouldn't need kindling for a while... that is, if I go pick it up before it rots and becomes useless. I have a wood splitter coming, just not sure what day yet, so that's when I'll tackle the massive mess of cut wood out in the driveway. While I'm doing that I have a couple guys who said they'd help me build a shelter for the wood so that I don't have to go shovelling it out in the winter. 

I learned a lot last winter so I'm trying to take that knowledge and prepare for the same situations that nearly did me in the first time around. 

I had only planned on working outside for a couple hours or so but once you start that stuff the hours melt away. I worked pretty much until I figured I was going to pass out. What I accomplished was a gigantic pile of brush that I may have stacked to close to the rest of the forest to actually be able to burn it. Balls!! I have my tractor guy who could probably come in and push it a little further away so we don't burn the mountain down, but that's more my hope at this point, than anything I'm sure can happen. 

It's not work I mind doing once I get into it, I just always feel like I should be doing something else, something real work related. I suppose that comes from simply not having a job... and having baby number two on the way. The compulsion to work doesn't overwhelm me like it used to and I'm able to go out and do what I have to do without the ever present anxiety of not doing work that will "get me ahead". Likely that has to do with many factors, one of which is the recognition that clearing up brush and getting wood sorted out IS getting me ahead. 

It's all got to be done. None of it can be done instantaneously. Therefore you do what you can. 

I feel like I did more yesterday but I can't quite remember... oh, right; I did try to beat a path to the ocean on the lot across the street. That was a judgement call of course, as it's 'technically' not my land, but these days I share more of a native perspective on land ownership. Nevertheless, I'm fully aware most people don't share that perspective, that land can't be owned in the sense we mean, and that people generally aren't happy with you traipsing over their property. Well, I've learned enough about the gentleman who owns the undeveloped plot across the street to think he probably would have been okay with me trying to bushwhack a path to the water, in my constant search for a quiet spot, with an ocean view, to meditate. 

It's a moot point anyway, as the land across the street might as well be a giant spider web. There was no getting through it, at least not with my big bush whacking stick. Perhaps if I'd had a machete or a chainsaw. But I'm not in there to tear it apart, just to find a renewable path through. 

No dice. 

I did stumble upon a lair of some kind.

That's never a good find, especially when you stumble into it at around dusk and aren't sure how to get back to the road. I mean, look, there was no chance of getting lost in there, it's six acres across the street, with nothing but ocean one way, and my house the other. Also, I had my big ass stick that my dad cut for me out of ash, and while there wasn't enough room to swing it, I certainly could have poked at any ferocious animal in the face until it got bored with trying to devour me. And judging by the little patch of long grass I stumbled into that had been swirled up into a flat pile by something big enough to do it, it no doubt would have approached me had it encountered me, rather than fled.

My guess would be perhaps a coyote, given that they're around, but I'm far from what you would call a 'tracker' at this point in my life, so who can say. A bear could have been standing right behind me and I would have assumed the smell was due to a compost bin nearby. I'm not the sharpest knife in the rucksack when it comes to nature, so I got out of there and headed for home. 

Terrible that the point I walked out of the woods, when I'd entered on the southern most point of the land, was the extreme eastern side. Never a good feeling when you get that turned around in the span of about five minutes, but a good lesson nevertheless, and one that I took quite to heart. I'll need some training or time out wandering around with someone who knows how to navigate, before I go bush whacking anywhere outside my own little area. 

I'm probably the type of person that should just bury a homing device in my ass and be done with it. 

So not a bad day then, considering the energy levels I had when I'd woken up. Similar to today then, as once again Blaze was up at around 5:30 and I just went into the crib, picked him up, and dumped him off on his mom in bed. That's not true, I did half-heartedly try to get him sorted out in his crib so he'd go back to sleep. He wasn't having it, and I was a half-zombiefied husk of a human, so failing any other ideas, I plopped him down in the rocking chair and tried to rock him to sleep, even as my own eyes were struggling to stay alert. 

It didn't work of course, because the rocking chair we bought for $350 at whatever store we bought it at, is a squeaking piece of garbage that wasn't worth the energy it took to get it up in his room. I won't bother with another "they don't make things like they used to rant" as this entry is almost at an end and that point has become so ubiquitous that it kind of goes without saying. Still, another lesson learned. Barring any sudden leap in human ethics and craftsmanship it's probably best to go searching yard sales for old, sturdy pieces of furniture that won't let you down within the first two weeks.

Basically, I'm done with lead paint and plastic wood, is what I'm saying.

Okay, this feels like a legitimate entry so I'll wrap it up and go get something done. What? I don't know, because I still haven't gotten to the point where I actually map out my work day. Something... for sure. Perhaps today I'll just dig into the memory work and keep slapping paint on the whiteboard cave wall in my garage. It's as good a plan as any. Hopefully it'll rain -it's threatening- and I won't be constantly reminded every time I look out in my yard of just how much work I have left to do!

Have a good one munks.