Day 536: Done & Done!


9:45am. Stylus.

Early entry today. We've been up since around 7:30am, with a firey Blaze raring to go in the bed between us.  This wouldn't be such a painful fact, had I not had another late night fireside chat session with my mountain friend last night. It's an exhausting activity, trying to figure out the worlds' problems AND devising solutions. Tiring, but necessary I think you'd agree, given the state of the world.

We started the fire around 10:3Opm after having just returned from my parents house. My father had his last day of work yesterday, he's now finally and officially retired. We surprised him with a cake, and a very entertaining Blaze, who was firing on all cylinders last night and kept us all laughing.

It was a close thing yesterday, as my father's supervisor asked him at the last minute to stay for another couple of weeks, on account of the fact that one of my dad's colleagues had a medical emergency and might be out of commission for the next little while, leaving them shorthanded. 

This was the same colleague with the same issue whom my dad covered for when it happened the first time around. He was originally supposed to be there for only a couple of months and finally retired yesterday... four years later.

He considered staying again this time, not being someone who likes to leave anyone high and dry, but there were extenuating circumstances that led him in the other direction.

1) My mother wanted him home. She's done working and has been looking forward to him being around.  Of course my mother is also a compassionate and caring person who would no doubt have understood a decision to stay, especially given the circumstances, had it not been for extenuating circumstance #2...

2) The reason they are shorthanded and asked him to stay was because they had done nothing whatsoever to find a replacement for my dad, who had given them ample notice in advance that he was leaving. In addition to plenty of notice he told them that he would stay even longer if they were able to fill his position, in order to train the new person. Given what my dad does for a living this would have been quite beneficial to the people he worked for, as experience like his, and his ability to communicate it, is a very rare thing indeed.

As of yesterday they hadn't even put an ad in the newspaper for his position.

And hey, that's fine, my dad had no hard feelings about it at all, he was just somewhat remiss that he wasn't able to pass along his experience to someone new. Whoever they do get, whenever they get around to it, will be starting from scratch. Now they're REALLY short handed, on account of the medical issue, and turned to my dad to see if he'd stay to "help" them out in what could be described as a "stick of gum on a fracturing dam" technique to problem solving.

He thought about it but decided to call it a career and head home instead. Family comes first after all.

Also, if you keep bailing people out who go on to do the same thing over and over again, are you really helping them out at all?

Having said that, I do hope for a speedy recovery for my dad's former co-worker. He's a really good guy, does brilliant custom leather work, and I wish him nothing but the best. 

l also hope my dad woke up today feeling good about his decision. He's helped countless people over the course of his career as an addictions councillor. I'm hoping now that he's done his one on one work he'Il accept the challenge of putting all his brilliant work interpreting the path he's been on for a much wider audience, perhaps in the form of the book he's been threatening to write for a while... hell, perhaps we can light a common fire under both our asses on that front!

Have a good day munks.