Day 534: Muddy Wheels


It's 11:17am and I'm getting this thing pounded out now, while Jeannette and her mom twirl around the kitchen concocting one after another of phenomenal dishes, and a 14 year old babysitting savant Megan is downstairs in the basement trying to get young master Blaze to nap. If you're keeping score at home, that's three females to one infant. Generally that tends to translate into a solid, uninterrupted workday for the one lowly adult male in the house. 

Of course, were the situation different and Jeannette was the one of us that decided to keep working, I'm sure I'd be the one twirling around downstairs with my dad making food, while Jeannette was upstairs on this infernal computational device slapping away at the keys in the hope that someday the act will bring about some form of prosperity. There's no mysogony over here whatsoever, in fact Siri has just informed me that I don't even know how to spell the word, let alone buy into it. 

It's also pouring outside right now, and very, very dark, which leads me to believe that this'll get worse before it gets better. I shouldn't even use the words 'worse' and 'better' to describe the weather, as there's really no such thing. Value judgements such as that are the main reason the world is in the sorry state it's in, if you ask me, which you never do! The weather is the weather. Actions are actions. And behaviours are behaviours. All of them are a product of forces and factors well beyond our ability to individually control, or understand, and thus, are neither good nor bad. 

It just is. 

So it's raining, and though I've just tried to convince myself that that's neither a good or bad thing, I'm having a hard time not doing so considering the fact that when it rains it's like a get out of jail free card with regards to the wood. There's nothing I can do for it while it's raining! Therefore, while I'm out working in the garage on the white board I will have no pangs of guilt that I should really be getting that situation sorted out. How that mode of thought is any better than saying rain is 'good' or 'bad' is not something I'm prepared to get into at this point, mostly because I fully recognize the irrationality of the whole sordid line of reasoning. 

Today I'll be continuing work on the memory system, with a large chunk of time set aside for my email to the reality show producer contact. I don't want to let that sit for long, especially when there was what seemed to be a genuine interest from someone who genuinely knows what they're doing in an area I'm now interested in, but have no experience in. Gotta jump all over that one! All I really have to create is a relatively succinct email explaining the idea and giving a short Coles notes version of my own life. Well if you read these with any regularity you'll know how difficult it is for me to give a Coles notes version of anything! I'm a little wordy if you haven't already gathered that in the 500+ days of writing. 

No matter. My resolve is rather unshakable these days so despite my own misgivings about the idea of writing a brief synopsis of all that I would like to accomplish with this show idea of mine, and the website that would accompany it, it will simply get done. It's number one on the priority list right now, mostly because it only briefly knocks the memory work from it's usual place at the top of the daily pyramid.

It's a calculated temporary demotion of the memory work, given the fact that this little task shouldn't take me much more than an hour or so. Perhaps two. Afterwards, I can hit send and that little bit of work will shoot out into the digital atmosphere where it will immediately begin doing some rather heavy lifting for me. My contact Dan will snatch it out of the air, read it, and begin the process of 'mulling' it over as he wonders if this might be something he'd like to dedicate some of his own time in getting behind. 

It's a lot to ask someone, to dedicate some of their time to something you've concocted. It's really not something I take lightly at all, knowing as I do how partial to my own time I am. Still, this idea simply doesn't get off the ground with out a rather copious amount of help from other human beings, perhaps a few dogs -one or two squirrels- and today is as good a day as any to start formulating a 'case' as to why I think anyone who might want to dedicate some of their time and effort to this idea, would be making a very good decision indeed. 

I'm in a good space mentally with it, I will say. It's like I told Dan when we chatted on the phone the other day; I'm doing this with a network or without one. That's part of the beauty of living in the time we live in. Cameras and talented people are all over the place; just sitting around waiting to get to do what they do best. When he started telling me all the ways in which the networks will delay an idea, or tinker with the idea, or just not even get behind a good one from the get go, I just laughed and said, "Hey man, this network route is just a shot in the dark anyway. I figured it would be good to see if any of the contacts I've made the last 15 years might help in getting it off the ground quick, but I'm hardly putting all my eggs in someone else's basket. Those days are over. In fact, ideally, I won't have to. 

The more I thought about the points he made, and my own idea for the show, as well as the original idea for the show itself - which had always been geared toward an online audience anyway- the more I'm convinced that not only is the online version the better show anyway, but that it might also still be the better route to go.

We'll see. I'm going to write it up and send it off and that's all I'm going to concern myself with today. Dan will like it or not. If he does, I might have myself a very important cog in this big wheel I'm trying to get rolling out of the mud, and if he doesn't... well, I'll simply shake his digital hand and go wandering the muddy field for someone else who might like to help me get the big old thing moving forward. 

Oh, and then there's the matter of the baby that could come at any moment. 
So you know, a lot going on today. I suppose I should probably get at it. 

Have a good day munks.