Day 533: The Arrival of Sitto

I'm having a hard time focusing on writing the blog tonight, which is not good news as I really need to get this out and go to bed... I'm exhausted.. but while I'm writing it the show I am Cait is on in the background. Jeannette and her mom went to bed about a half hour ago, after we finished watching Master Chef, and it was on while I was procrastinating the blog. I began watching and am now taping it for Jeannette, as she mentioned she was interested in seeing it. 

Nothing to get into about it or anything, other than Cait doesn't seem to be a particular happy person to me, despite constant chatter to the contrary. Still, brave to go through a transformation like that and then throw cameras into the mix. I don't know. This one's a thinker. Something seems quite forced about it, and I don't just mean the reality tv story lines. But who can say? 

I need to go to bed. We got up incredibly early to go get Jeannette's mother and have been going all day. Also, I have a bit of a headache right now, and just generally want to sleep. Her mom got here safe and sound and in really good time. We parked right next to the entrance at the airport, had enough time to get a Starbucks coffee -what has become a bit of a luxury for us these days, and then picked her mom up about ten minutes early. Her bag was literally waiting as soon as we walked over to the carousel. 

You've got to love small city airports. Halifax is super chill. I suppose spending so much time in Toronto and Los Angeles I'm used to seeing high powered rifles and dogs everywhere. In Halifax there's just one old dude at a desk that's half asleep and super friendly. Literally we were in and out in fifteen minutes and might have seen twenty five people. 

We made a stop at Costco before heading back to the house; Jeannette wanted to take a couple things back and pick up a couple more. You can't go to Costco and not buy anything. I think it's a rule. I also think she's just trying to think of anything she can to get this baby to come out. Perhaps she thought picking up gigantic jars of pickles would do the trick. Who can say? 

After that we drove to my parents place to pick up the Blaze. Mom said he appeared quite confused this morning when he woke up next to her instead of Jeannette, who'd gone to bed with him. She must have been like a ninja this morning when she snuck out of bed, my mom sliding in to take her place afterwards. I guess he was none the wiser until he woke up and saw my mother. By all accounts they had a good day and he was up and in good spirits when we arrived with his Sitto around noon.

She's had a mouthful of him ever since. 

They're biters these Lebanese women. Biters I say!! 

We spent some time hanging out with my mom chatting before packing up the kid and taking him back home so we could unload the groceries and get her mom unpacked. Then they left for a doctors appointment and I worked a bit. I'm happy to say that Jeannette is now 3cm dilated. Happy, because it's not full dilation  and my prediction of September 5th looks reasonable secure, but also happy because at least she's dilated a little, and thus has something to hang her rather desperate hat on. 

She wants it out ladies and gentlemen. All jokes aside, if she gets kicked in the ribs again I think she's going to just down a bottle of hot sauce and go do back flips on my cousins trampoline.

It's hard to say what will happen; if she'll be early, or as I think, a day late. The team has now officially been reassembled; her mom and I are here, and the fitness ball has been inflated. Her mom arrived around the same time last year and after being here for the first of her two weeks, Jeannette went into labour. If I judged anything by what Jeannette herself is telling me, this baby is going to be coming in the next few days. I hate to start doubting my own predictive abilities based on what Jeannette is saying, but it is technically her body we're talking about. 

Though to be fair to my own overblown confidence the kid inside her, whatever the gender, is also half me; and I think I know me well enough to know that any part of me is going to go ahead and listen to the main part of me, which is saying September 5th. And when I say the main part of me I mean my... actually, it's hard to pin that one down exactly; what the main part of a person is. But you get the thrust of what I'm saying.

So there you go, I've re-commited myself to September 5th as a solid bet on when MY baby will be coming... carrying Jeannette's part along with it, connected as they'll be, on account of being part of the same little human. I just hope she's not too pissed at me for the cold hard reality of my Nostradamus-esque abilities. 

After the doctor they came home, we had dinner, gave the kid a bath, and then went down into the basement to watch Master Chef.

Gordon Ramsey flipped out a bunch of times again, while his two judging partners shook their heads in disappointment.. for a good hour. Standard fare. Stephen is my guy, in case anyone else is watching. And now we've moved on from I am Cait in the background to Last Comic Standing. My friend Ian Bagg is in the semi-finals I see. Ian is a very funny dude and good hockey player. He just killed his semi-finals set and is probably only just getting into his rhythm now; when that happens he's going to be tough, if not impossible to beat. He's one of the best comics with a crowd that I've ever seen. 

Also, it still does absolutely nothing to make me want to get back up on stage. I think the show itself is also one of the reasons I stopped. There's a hollow feel to it as I watch, and I'm instantly reminded of the one time I auditioned for it, years ago in Montreal. Debacle. Though I wasn't in a particularly good frame of mind back then either, struggling in LA as I was. I don't mean to say that I quit standup because of the show Last Comic Standing, I merely mean to say that that particular culture or style of comedy is what I became a little disheartened with. 

That's the good thing about standup though, that it took me years to really figure out. If you're any good you don't need Last Comic Standing's and other formula built fame factory's, you just need a stage, and a mic, and an audience. Hell, if you throw a few cameras in there a good comic wouldn't have to travel around at all these days. Makes you think.