Day 532: Dropping Babies Like They're Hot


We got a lot done today. This is a good thing, because Jeannette wanted to get a lot done today, on account of the fact her mother arrives tomorrow. So really, there was no question as to whether or not we'd get a lot done today. Jeannette had the whip out and isn't afraid to use it. The basement is as clean as it can be without using highly toxic hospital cleaners and my office is as tidy as it can be riddled as it is with unnecessary items and random papers and research stuff. 

I've only just finished my list of things to do today, with just a half hour left before we have to pack up all our stuff and head out. Our babysitter Megan, has her final soccer game of the year tonight so we're going to drop her off at home and then head over to my parents house for the night. Since we have to be at the airport to pick up Jeannette's mom by 9am we figured it would be wise to just crash at my parents place, which is closer to the airport, and they can then watch Blaze in the am after we leave. We were going to bring him with us initially but now that we'll be making a Costco stop we figured we'd need the extra room. 

So the baby gets jettisoned!

Speaking of babies... Jeannette is getting amped up to drop this latest one like its hot. Despite my continued assurances that the wee one won't be coming out until the day I've predicted -September 5th- she keeps showing signs that it could happen much sooner. And if she keeps working as hard as she has been around the house she's going to trigger it by picking up a laundry basket or throwing another plate of chicken on the barbecue.

Part of me thinks she's doing all this in order to trigger the delivery early, just to spite me, but it doesn't matter anyway because you can't stop her. Perhaps when her mom gets here she'll finally settle down and relax a bit. 

She ran out to New Minas again today to do some more running around. While she was out I pretty much just stuck to the list she gave me -half out of fear that I wouldn't get enough done by the time she got home- but did get taken away from it for a while when a producer I'd called a few days ago called me back unexpectedly. He'd texted me already a few days ago, after I'd left a message on his phone last week, and in the message left his email address with instructions to email him back with a bit about the idea so he could have a look at it before chatting. 

The problem was he texted my home phone so his text was read to me by a robot voice that did a horrible job at communicating his email address. I was literally in the process of looking up his number again today to follow up when the phone rang and it was him. We had a great conversation. He's a cool guy and very knowledgeable about just the kind of show I'm looking at doing. 

Since it was a complete cold call, and neither of us really know much about the other, it was a lot of general conversation before I got into what I'm looking to do. He had really great feedback and very good ideas, provided me with a lot of good things to think about, and by the end of the conversation seemed quite excited about hearing more. He wants me to send him an email with a two minute pitch of the basic idea; an 'elevator pitch' as he called it, with a brief bio of both myself and Jeannette so he can look us up and get more familiar with us as performers. 

I usually have a pretty good sense of how these types of things go and feel pretty positive about it. He also comes highly recommended by Jeannette's brother, a camera man for the CBC who has worked with him in the past and enjoyed the experience. 

I'd also just got finished emailing another contact, a contact of mine from my days of doing standup around the Nova Scotia area. He's an event organizer with a lot of really great contacts in the area who had me come in to do a show or two for corporations in the area.. a long time ago. At least, that's how I remember meeting him, but to be honest the memory is a little hazy on how we got to know each other. All I know is that when I was thinking about possible people around here I already know that I could chat with about my ideas, his was the first name that popped into my head out of the fog. 

I looked up his website and tried calling the number provided but it went straight to that woman who says the customer isn't available. Yeah, um, I thought that's what messages were for?? But no, this one just tells you they're not around and to try your call later. I'm not a fan of that one. She's even worse than the one that reads out text messages. She's a little rude this one, even though she's just a recording. They must have brought the actress in to do all those recordings on a particularly bad day. Or perhaps they looked for someone a little sour from the outset.. who can say?

Anyway, I ended up emailing him using the one I found on the site and he got back to me in about five minutes. That's the good news. The bad news is that he was around all summer and is now back in Dublin working. Evidently he splits his time between the two places. No matter. He shot me his number and Skype account there and suggested we chat more next week. 

So it's all coming together guys. My only hope is that I can get the memory work done once these other wheels start rolling. I feel that once they do I'm going to have precious little time to spend out in the garage staring at a white board. The good news on that front is that last night I looked online and found someone even crazier than I am, and a good few years ahead of me. Like me he's also someone who believes in sharing information and techniques and as such has some rather clever ones that he's developed that will likely really help me out. 

I also think I finally found a wood splitter to get my wood pile outside squared away. Birch is very tight wood you see, the longer it sits around the quicker it rots. I've got to get at that wood!! 

Okay, that's it for now. We're off in a bit to my parents place. No doubt I'll be watching episodes of Mick Dodge, Live Free or Die and Life Below Zero all night long.