Day 531: Secret Spiritual Moonshine


Before I tell you about today, I should probably make a little note about last night, as it directly pertains to my relative state of discombobulation today. Savvy?

So my mountain friend came up again last night for another fireside chat session. I have great news on that, by the way, as we seem to have solved most, if not all, of the world's problems. We'll need some time to lock into the fixes ourselves, before sharing the secret spiritual moonshine we've concocted over our time by the flames with everyone else, but never fear dear readers.. we'll get there! 

I walked into the kitchen last night at about 10 pm, shortly after my friend arrived, and met a sharp eyed Jeannette with a finger in my face. The basics of what was said to me was something to the effect of: "Listen buddy, we have to get up ass early tomorrow and have a bunch of things to do, and I know you, I know how long you two stay out there talking and I know how cranky you get with no sleep and that's really not something I want to have to deal with tomorrow." 

Well, clearly the only reply that could possible do would be to assure her that the flames would be smothered and I would be coming to bed at a reasonable hour, and further, that I wouldn't say a single word while out and about today about being tired... other than in the moments I would forget -do the mush in my head- and blearily muttered how tired I was. But as to the crankiness.. you'll see none of it! I surely wouldn't complain further, not given the finger to the face talk I just got from a swollen bellied Jeannette. 

And I did just that. We shut it down at 1am.. give or take. 

It's hardly my fault that Blaze then decided to sleep so poorly. The crankiness deal said nothing of getting up and down with him a good few times last night, in addition to my fireside chat session. Finally I just shlepped him off on Jeannette around 5am. That technique works in the moment of course, when he's ready to get out of the crib and we're in desperate need to go back to sleep. It backfires about two hours later, however, when I wake up to a small heel, or palm, or tiny elbow, to the face. That's how I woke up this morning, on a day of errands. 

First we had to take Hubble in to get him groomed. Jeannette's mother arrives in a couple of days and Hubble must be in tip top shape, being somewhat allergic to dogs as she is. After dropping him off it was then off to my parents place to drop Blazer off for an afternoon with his grandparents, while we ran around doing some of our errands. From there it was the Superstore where Jeannette was bound and determined to return a tub of cottage cheese; she bought it a few days ago.. it expired on the 13th.

When she took it back they acted as if this type of thing happens a lot. Grim!

We then stopped in at the bank, ate some sushi, were going to buy a wheel barrow but bailed on that after both of us hit a wall of fatigue at about the same time. So we came home and pretty much slept the afternoon away, like a couple of baby less, jobless, freeloaders! It was glorious. We woke up just in time for my parents to swing by with the little monster. They didn't stay long, but dad did have a chance to look at our shotgun stairs and had an idea as to a fix that might have us walking up and down the stairs without trying to not touch the ground; a difficult proposition given our heavy reliance on gravity. 

Funny how the gigantic market earthquake in China, that I'm just hearing about now, didn't affect us at all up here on the North Mountain today. Doesn't seem to be a good thing, by the look of it, but I'm not sure what people expect when we live in a world when governments casually and systematically lie about what they're up to. And of course by 'governments' I just mean people. People make up governments and it's people that create and perpetually buy into the systems they abuse. 

It's a sordid cycle that, as I said, my mountain friend and I have handily sorted out the last couple of days. Revelations to come. For now, I suppose I'll just keep working on what I'm doing, while waiting for baby number two, and hope that China and the rest of the world get their precious 'markets' figured out. Still, I'm not going to hold my breath. We'll keep working on the issues over here and get back to you when we have something communicable. Stay tuned. 

That's it for me. Have a good night munks.