Day 530: Uselessly Lethargic

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11am and every part of me wants to go back to bed. 

I guess I didn't sleep well last night, though I don't recall anything happening that kept me awake. I suppose it was a little muggy, and I had my usual couple of runs into Blaze's room to settle him down, but otherwise things were pretty status quo. Still, today, I've woken up useless, which is not good at all, considering I have a lot to do. 

Jeannette and our substitute helper, Amy's sister Megan, just took Blaze and went out to do some errands. We ate some breakfast first, sat around and chatted for a bit over coffee, and now the day begins. I'm hoping that despite how lethargic and useless I feel, getting the blog done early will at the very least make me feel like I've done something productive today, even if I don't accomplish much more. 

I'm being unnecessarily pessimistic of course. I know I'll get a lot done today, my problem is never with making headway. I make headway with everything I'm doing everyday. The problem I have, and have always had, is organization. Getting all those projects I'm making headway on, sorted out and figured out and put into nice, neat little tidy packets of activity.

I don't do that now. I don't work on things in organized chunks of time, sticking to things like  consistent breaks, and moving on to other things once a timer has gone off. I've never been able to stick to those types of regimented schedules and it's eternally maddening! 

More often than not I just go with the flow and do whatever occurs to me when I sit down to work. It's a flawed system that I stuck far closer to in my younger days, which is why the projects I have finished were done at great speed, in a small chunks of time, more often than not with a deadline looming. That deadline being a competition submission day, or a big standup show I needed new material for, or a writing gig, or what have you. It's taken me moving all the way out into the middle of nowhere, where the distractions and procrastinations are all my own doing; making it much easier to spot when I'm doing it, to make any headway on getting this issue of mine sorted out.

We're getting there. But we're certainly not there yet! 

Cleaning up the office will help with all that. Sorting out my computer and all my files can't hurt either. But the main thing is to start being more mindful of all the techniques I've been trying to implement to stay on track and on point with whatever it is I'm doing. 

It's looking more and more like it's going to be another hot day up here. That might be another thing that will keep me from feeling completely useless today; slinging some wood around. I need a wood splitter to get what I need done, but there's still a lot I can do before I'm able to get my hands on one of those. None of it I find particularly enjoyable mind you, though I do like the satisfaction of getting it done and having it all ready. I find it's a lot like jogging, it's something I'm told you'll hate to do until one day you find yourself running with a smile on your face. That never happened for me when it came to jogging, no matter how long I stuck to it, so I'm not sure if I'm too optimistic about my chances of getting to that point with wood. 

I put a phone call in to a reality TV producer a couple of days ago, don't think I mentioned that. My brother-in-law has worked with him before and highly recommended him. At this point I'm just looking to pick someone's brain about doing such a show, as it's entirely out of my wheelhouse, so I'm excited to get to chat with someone about how my idea can be shaped and moulded to make it a better packaged idea. The faint hope is that we end up getting along great and he really likes the idea to the point of getting involved. 

We haven't connected just yet, but I'm looking forward to chatting with him as well. 

Okay, that's the entry for today my dear friends and readers. Charlie Rose is talking to a Republican Senator about Donald Trump. After discussing all the ludicrous propositions given to us by the Beauty Queen blowhard Charlie asked the senator if he would support Trump if he became the Republican nominee. Without even thinking about it, and quite aside from all the things he had just said about the man, he responded, "I'll support the republican nominee... but it won't be Trump." 

Like robots these guys. 

If it wouldn't be such a stunning victory for chaos and darkness, I'd almost like to see Trump win; in the very same way it's often good for a forest fire to rip through a tick infested forest. Sometimes you need a completely fresh start to get back on the track you have so perilously wandered from, and putting that man in the most powerful chair in American (I no longer buy the opinion that the president of the US is the most powerful man in the world) would certainly precipitate that much needed social wildfire. 

Have a good day munks