Day 527: The Adventures of Hubble

Thursday, August 20: Stylus

It was looking pretty grim last night dog-wise.

I was working in the garage with the door up, it was about llpm and Hubble was with me. Generally when I work outside like that he keeps pretty close to the house. There aren't any lights anywhere so as soon as you leave our driveway its just stars, and darkness, and wild animals. He's an adventurer, my dog, but not stupid -or so I thought- so I usually don't have to worry about him running off.

Until last night.

One of the neighbors drove by, their white truck passing by our driveway. Hubble and I realized it at the same time but sadly his reflexes are much faster than mine, so before I even got his name out he had disappeared down the driveway in hot pursuit.

This isn't the first time he's done this of course, but every other time it's been during daylight hours and if I give a good yell he'll pull up and just bark a warning to the trespasser as he stands there in his best attempt at copying an ultra intimidating pitbull posture. That's what I figured would happen last night when I yelled but when I walked down the pitch black driveway he was nowhere to be found. 

By the time I'd walked down the driveway and around the corner, calling his name the whole way I was now quite literally peering into the darkness for his body.; a morbid thing to do perhaps but given the situation it seemed entirely likely that he'd been hit. He has no fear of vehicles, this dog, and routinely tries to throw himself out in front of them while I'm out walking him. So hardly a stretch of the imagination that he'd caught the truck as it turned the corner, jumped out at it, got hit, and the driver kept going thinking it would have been a rabbit.


My stomach dropped as each moment passed and he didn't come when called. It was so dark I couldn't see him, and wouldn't have unless I literally stepped on him -on account the fog and lack of stars- so I turned around to walk back to the house to get my flashlight and nephew.

I'd just turned back into my driveway when I heard the sound of the little shit racing back down the road. He must have chased that truck halfway up the 2k path. By the time he got back to me he was a mess, covered in dust and wet, but alive at least.

He's picked up bad habits this dog, since we left LA. I may need to boot camp him again at some point, where its just me, him, some dog treats and a hand full of new commands. But then, with yet another baby coming, who has the time!

We took him with us this morning for a walk down the beach, my nephew Ty and I. That should take at least a quarter of the piss and vinegar out of him, as it was a long walk on a rocky beach, and towards the end he was almost as out of breath as I was.

I'm hoping to get down there more often as its both a really good work out, and a naturally gorgeous area. I can't wait till I can get a sea kayak and can start walking down there and going paddling along the shore; though AGAIN, probably won't be anything I do for awhile.

The next couple of years will likely consist mainly of taking care of babies, making MORE babies, and getting my work all setup. Then after those two balls start rolling well on their own, with just some gentle course correcting and consistent attention from me, I'll have a lot more time to kayak and train shithead shihtzu's to keep from using their own body as a warning shot to unwanted vehicles. 

So that's it for today. It's hot as balls here so it'll be a day of work inside. Have a good Thursday Munks.