Day 526: Back to the Jungle

The heat is rising out there kidlets. It’s getting hot.

I’m not immune to the temperatures myself, if you throw a fire in my face, I will be quite bothered. However, living where I do, for now, the high temperatures don’t get at me too much. Even now, as I sit here writing at my desk I smell nothing but mist and wood smoke. Hmmm, it appears as though there’s a fire in the area… which means it’s misty enough for the burning of wood; an activity that would otherwise be frowned upon around here on account of the tinder box nature of all the forests… on account of the heat. 

The heat that is rising. 

The temperature is rising everywhere it seems. I speak now not merely of the ferocity of the air around you but of the temperments of people and tensions in places all over the world. I made the mistake of watching the news this am, before getting to work, and it was more grim tidings from a lot of places; bombings everywhere, refugees in boats arriving everywhere, hacking and fraud all over the place. Just a general state of mischief and mayhem within a large portion of the species we call human, I think you would have to agree; despite your particular relation to it at this moment. 

This is why, in my humble opinion, Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls. 

He’s the anti-authority guy. The anti-establishment guy. The anti-rights and the equality of all people under gOd… guy. He’s a big mouth that says what he thinks -though he’s not as comfortable working it in the reverse- and projects a seemingly impenetrable ego construct that bulldozes his way past his lessers, which, in his opinion, is everyone. If you question him he simply points to all his ‘stuff’ as evidence that he knows what he’s doing, is a “winner”, and as such should be the one to lead the country back into a state of glory.. whatever that means. 

People are looking for someone to flip the finger to the television cameras and the system I think, and they sure have found their man in Donald Trump. I don’t think he’ll end up becoming the president, though there are other ‘end times’ type scenarios occuring of late… but then, the point isn’t that he’ll win the point is that we are living in a time when a large portion of the United States is giving voice to someone that clearly reflects and amplifys their own feelings, which is anger. These people also might not be connected to anything internally that would allow them to see through all his smoke and mirrors, giving them the innate ability to recognize a hollow man when they see one. 

The way I see it, a vote for Donald Trump would be a vote for Biff from Back to the Future III; a vote for the bully, the blow-hard. The guy that takes what he wants and will crush you and your ideas in the process. Why? Because he’s stronger than you. And that makes him better. Biff Trump would run the country in the same way he runs his companies; ruthlessly and with an eye only for his stock holders - or in the case of a president, those who follow ‘his way’. If you don’t perform, you’re fired, forgotten, let go, cut off. Leave the weak employees behind to die or fend for themselves while everyone else comes along with me. 

If you want to know what an America would look like under the rule of Donald SE Trump go back and re-watch the third installment of the adventures of Marty McFly and see what happens to the world where Biff runs the country. As I recall it’s a pretty glum place with a lot of crime, and chaos, and upheaval for pretty much everyone except the one sitting on the throne; which is always precisely how it goes when you put ego in charge. Especially in the case of an ego the size of Trumps, in a system that is already crumbling, where even the respect for the very rules that allowed people to set up such a kickass little country in the first place are being bent, ignored, or straight out broken.  

In the end, I have faith that cooler heads will prevail. The great Donald will push the golden envelope a little too far, and another yes man-type appeaser of the people will be thrown into an expensive blue suit and propped up in the white house to keep waving and smiling as if everything is hunky dory. He or she will have little to do with the actual outcome of things, but will play a role for a time and all the while we will all argue over this or that decision they make while looking quite elsewhere for any true inspiration or direction. 

The politicians certainly don’t have it. 

Perhaps the robots will have a fresh new voice!

Enjoy the show kidlets. And mind the heat.