Day 525: Madly Flailing

Blaze seems to be much better today.

He hasn't had a fever since yesterday and so far hasn't manifested any other symptoms that might indicate whatever he is fighting is escalating; besides waking up this morning at around 1:30 am and shrieking inconsolably for a good 30 minutes.

Other than that brief but painful episode, he seems to be on the mend. 

Jeannette took him in to see the doctor yesterday who immediately called over to our pediatrician to check in on a few things. They didn't think it was tooth related, as a fever doesn't usually come and go from teeth like that. Also, according to some literature we've read the last couple of days online -as provided from a health care nurse who likely lives a stones throw away from our doctor (who says the opposite) it's a complete myth that teething causes fevers to begin with. 

Honestly, trying to navigate the waters of responsible parenting is like trying to figure out if you have a boy or girl by listening to the strangers who come up to you in the street and rub your pregnant belly. The accuracy of the theories and claims -as many of them as there are people with opinions on the topic- are about as reliable as looking for a light switch in a dark room by madly flailing your arms around. Sure, eventually you'll stumble upon the light switch that will illuminate your environment, but it's a path you'd be hard pressed to repeat should the light go out again, which, if you're a new parent, happens pretty much every time a new situation arises. 

It's shocking that we don't have a single location where people can go for reliable information; ESPECIALLY PARENTS. 

Going online for an answer to any question is great, and far be it for me to bad mouth Google and it's ability to offer up every possible answer to any question you could concoct in a group of drunk people at a party, but when it comes to just getting a straight answer, a quick answer, a TRUE answer... well, we're just not there yet when it comes to all the really important questions. 

A step up from checking in with Google would be checking with your nearest health care professional. They at least have actual experience in the field, and will typically just give you one opinion, as opposed to Google's 75, 534, but as evidenced even recently, with Blaze's fever and the 'it's just teething' theory, even that could use some renovation.

I mean hey, it's the system we've got, so I'm not going to sit here and lambaste it; I fully recognize that the world we live in is a place where the majority of people who are still dialled into society are just doing the best they can... and yet... there seems to be a rather significant disconnect between the information we get from the people who are experts in their fields, and others... in the same field!

This might just be an inescapable aspect of being human. We may never have the FULL answer, nor is it something we're likely even able to conceive -given all the variables in play and the fact we're just a bunch of hairless, high functioning monkeys. Still, when handing out information, which is really just the best we have at the moment, it's always best to pass it along with some humility, understanding that there could at any time be a piece of something that could come along that might make you change your mind entirely. After all, thinking you have the answer is the surest way to miss out on the real one when it comes along. 

But for the love of gOd, let's get it all in one place!!

It's a jungle out there these days. An interesting jungle, to be sure, with all kinds of cool finds along the way, and yes, most of the people you meet in that jungle -depending on your area- are going to be civil and compassionate, and help you out if you're in need.. but in every other measurable field I think we're slipping a little, bombarded perhaps, all of us, by the speed with which the world seems to be moving culturally... not to mention the speed with which technology is being thrust upon us. 

I've gotten way off topic for today but thankfully I got taken away from the blog by the arrival of Jeannette and Blaze. They just shot out to the mall to pick up some things with Amy. Hardly as eventful as was yesterday when they first took him in to the doc's office and they were told they had to get him to pee in a cup in order to rule out a urinary tract infection. Imagine that, getting an 11 month old to pee into a cup. 

I have trouble with that myself! Poor Jeannette and Amy did about everything you can think of to pull it off, running the tap while holding him with his pants off in front of the sink while splashing him with water and holding a cup as close as they could to his little bits. A straight up debacle would be all you could call it were you there to witness it yourself, no doubt. Thankfully, and perhaps miraculously, they were able to get enough for a testable sample and the results came back shortly afterwards; negative. 

So it's not his teeth and it's not his urinary tract. 

Whatever it is, if he flips out again tonight like he did last night we'll likely take him into emergency. During my break from writing this, when I got called away, the pediatrician called and said she thought it was probably his ears, judging by how he was tearing at them last night while upset. She said if it gets bad again tonight to not mess around with it as ears can go from 0 to 100 lickity split and we don't want him rupturing anything. 

So there you go. That's the update for today. Onwards and upwards.