Day 523: Fever Blaze

  My backyard this evening.

  My backyard this evening.

11:10pm, everyone else is in bed and I'm writing this out on my phone, with the stylus, in the living room. I figured I might go back to writing on the phone for awhile. I do this for two reasons:

1. It's a slower process.

Using the stylus allows me to write about three words at a time, and then I have to wait a beat as the wizard inside my phone turns my hand writing into font. This allows me to construct my sentences in a more thought out, reflective manner, as opposed to my usual "monkey excitedly slaps at a keyboard". As it stands this particular monkey can type a good 70 words a minute or so, perhaps more given my 523+ days of continual practice, so no doubt this will slow me down considerably..

2)  Our power keeps going out.

I shouldn't say "keeps"going out, like its an every day occurrence. It's not that bad... though it did happen a few days ago, killing a blog entry of mine -that I had finished typing out on my iMac- and then, again, today, after I had just started to do some memory work on the same machine.

So you see, I've concocted two very reasonable, very logical reasons for why I will be working on my phone more for now, and also why the entries may be shorter from now on; or at least until I can convince the powers that be, in the area that we live in, its now 2015 and as such we should be able to provide our citizens the necessary requirements for the basic essentials needed to sustain civilized life: vis a vie... electricity! and... dare I dream... cell service.

I almost feel like glutton asking for high speed internet.

So it's already 11:30 and I haven't even told you about drinking the hose water and Blaze getting his first fever.

I'll end with the update on Blaze, the more important of the two stories -though I've had cramps all day! He's doing much better tonight, though today he had a temperature of 39.7°C which is right on the cusp of what is considered a "high fever". 

We called the nurse and our moms, and did all the things you do; stripped him down, bath in lukewarm water, baby tylenol, the usual. By the time the nurse called us back he was much better and hasn't gotten that hot since. Chances are we'll take him in tomorrow, if he's still fighting it tonight, but more than likely he's fine.

Okay, 11:40 Phone is at 6% battery life. Is there no reliable technology out there??!