Day 521: Back On Track

train track infinity landscape.jpg

It was touch and go for a while there. Generally when I mess up a day and end up sleeping till something stupid like 3pm... like I did yesterday, I'm pretty good and screwed up for the next week or so to follow. The rhythms get all mixed up and I turn into a vampire, without the sucking of the blood of course. Last night was a rare respite from my usual patterns however, as by the time I was finished writing last nights entry I passed out and slept quite well until Blaze woke me up yelling from his crib at 6:30am. 

Even then I was able to go put him back to sleep till 8am. Once he got up the second time I went back in, picked him up, and then dumped him off in bed with his mom where he proceeded to flop roll between us until Amy came at 10. Yes, we're a bunch of slugs over here on the mountain, but don't worry, sufficient dues have already been paid in both our lives to allow for this brief period of freedom, until the work starts up again and we have no time for anything. 

I think I'll be calling the network today, or at least reaching out to see if a phone pitch today would be doable. After chatting with my buddy the other night in front of the fire we pretty much came to the conclusion that even if the pitch goes sideways we could just start shooting everything ourselves. It'll be a different show, for sure, but certainly doable. Still, like I told him, the reason I'm going to the network is because should they like the idea things can change and get set up in a hurry. Also, resources alone, it's a good idea to have a backer. 

In this way I'll be a little like the painters and artisans of old who get supported by the King and given enough of a stipend to pursue their hearts desire in whatever artistic field they inhabit. Similar here, though we don't have kings and queens anymore. Surely a corporation could be considered a wealthy patron at the very least, which in my current requirements, for what I'd like to do, is really all I need. I think they'll also like the idea because it's very simple to create and won't require much money at all to get going. In addition, they'll have access to my brain full of other ideas which WOULD require lots of money, but would also likely pay off rather soundly in the long run. I'm getting ahead of myself of course, but I've spent my entire life getting ahead of myself and so far it's paid rather sound dividends.

So why fix what ain't broke? 

A good situation to be in, I think. If they're interested in the idea things will change up here on the mountain very quickly. If not, the show still goes but we figure out alternative ways to do what needs to be done. Cameras being as inexpensive as they are these days, and me and Jeannette being the two principle performers, means we're pretty much self-sufficient from the get go. But help is always good, whether you're cutting down trees, stacking wood, or trying to get your own show off the ground.

Oh, I don't think I told you this, but I found out that the couple living in the house before us were given the chance to chop down all the trees and brush across the street, which would have given the house we're in full view of the ocean and bluff. We'd be able to watch the sun set from our porch!!! The cliff is literally just a couple hundred yards away, but we can't see anything on account of the fact the couple didn't do anything of the sort and instead decided to let the lots across the street grow into tangled, impenetrable forests blocking all sight of the ocean completely! 

Heresy! Nonsense! Bollucks!!

I immediately asked the woman who told me this, who still has communication with the owner of the land, if this would be something the owner would still be open to and to let us know if we can still clean it all up. I don't know when I'd be able to get it done, given the amount of pancakes currently on my plate, but it'll immediately jump pretty high on the list of things to do if he says yes. Lord knows I know enough 'wood guys' at this point to have ample help once I get word. Perhaps something to focus on for next year. 

So that's it then. Today I'll putter around the house trying to get my pitch all locked in the head and ready to go, and then if the stars align I will give them a call today and have a chat. That's the great thing about having previous relationships with the people in charge over at these places. They know you and thus the conversation becomes instantly less rigid than it would if you were just going in to pitch and idea cold, which I've done in LA heaps of times. Never enjoyed any of them! Probably because I followed everyone else's code of conduct for pitching and never just went with my instincts. 

Well this time I'm just going to throw it out there and see what happens. Since it's already a world I've pretty much left behind, I figure even if the news isn't great and they have no interest whatsoever, I can at least move forward with the plans I've been concocting to this point with no desire to look back and wonder what might have been had I given the idea a good shot. So we'll see. 

That's it. Once again thanks for checking in. Yap at you tomorrow.