Day 520: Investigations and forms

Stylus entry. You know what that means... much less bang for your buck, as most of my time will be spent fixing all the mistakes auto-correct makes when it tries to decipher my handwriting: yes, handwriting... on my phone... with a stylus that makes the whole process feel very much like I'm actually writing my blog entry out on a tiny Columbo sized note-pad. Minus the spelling/ translation errors.

Today was on absolute write-off! I stayed up chatting with an old friend of mine in front of the fire outside last night until 3am; like a couple of idiots. I'd do it again in a heart beat of course, good conversation being so perilously hard to come by these days as it is. Jeannette and I enjoy each others company quite endlessly, and also go deep conversationally quite frequently, but every once in a while its good to yap some words at another male primate; especially one who also spends heaps of time thinking about the big questions and what its all about, as opposed to just the details and events of the every day experience.

An easier way to illustrate the divergence would be to say that conversation can be broken down into two categories:
1) conversations about forms and 2) investigations into the formless

Conversations about forms would consist of chatting about the everyday stuff of life; jobs, hobbies, furniture, food and on and on. These types of conversations typically meander on and can be very entertaining or not interesting at all, and can in some cases actually lead to some piece of information that might actually aid you at some point in the future. Generally however, conversations about forms don't have a point and are a little like masturbating. 

Investigations into the formless however, well, that's another beast entirely. Generally they start out with a question posed by one of the parties involved, and then proceed in logical progression through all the many considerations and angles the problem inspires until arriving at an answer to that question that both, or all, of the brains involved can agree upon.

I believe the Greeks did this a lot, not surprising in a world without computers and Angry birds.

For three hours he and I engaged in a good mixture of the two styles, until finally we accepted the fact we had lives that would be demanding of our services in painfully few hours and he went home. I then climbed into bed with Jennette, reeking of wood smoke, and then promptly got up with Blaze what felt like 5 minutes later. In reality it was about 8 am, but it certainly felt like I'd only had a few minutes of sleep, or like someone had wrapped a dusty welcome mat around a baseball bat and struck me full in the face. 

It wasn't all bad of course. Amy arrived about two hours later and I was able to slip away and collapse for as long as I could till I was needed again. As it turns out Jeannette and Amy managed to have everything pretty well locked down so I managed to stay unconscious till 3.

Look, I'm not proud of myself, okay? Mostly, because pride is one of the 7 deadly sins and I take those a lot more seriously these days. But hey, no one died anywhere because I slept a rainy day away, and my work didn't suffer either, as I managed to get quite a bit done this afternoon.

The only thing that did suffer was this blog, And now my hand, for using the stylus for this long, in this position.  

Thankfully, I'm done.