Day 519: Wanted: Stray Cats


There was an incident with another mouse last night. 

I was downstairs after putting Blaze to bed. Jeannette had already gone to bed as well so I was alone, working in the basement on my computer. That's when a baby mouse suddenly darted out from under our TV stand and stood in the centre of the room staring at me. It was more of a challenge than a sudden and accidentally reveal, as it looked like perhaps he was making a stand against all the violence done to his family in recent days. 

I should mention perhaps that I may have killed his mother or father yesterday as well, as a result of my placement of a trap out in the furnace room. Caught a big one. In fact, Amy and I are currently engaged in a competition over mouse trap recipes and have started a new board to replace the tick board up in the kitchen. The ticks seem to have fallen away for the time being, fading back into the depths of hell from whence they came, so why not start a new board keeping track of the vermin who are somehow getting in the house? 

Again, the great thing is that our place isn't very cluttered so there aren't a lot of places for them to hide. Also, being the patient person that I am, they will eventually reveal themselves to me while I'm sitting around working, and once that is done.. .well, there's really no where for them to hide. Scratch that, there are MANY places for them to hide, as I discovered last night when I went after him with the broom and garbage basket. I tried to sheep dog him into the bin but he literally disappeared. Vanished. 

So I tore the basement apart, at 1am, like a savage. 

The thing I found that was most disturbing was when I flipped the couch again and discovered the hole that I had sealed up with duct tape was pulled off. Pulling off duct tape!! These deep woods mice are no joke. Hardier stock than the city or town mice you might be used to (likely you aren't used to them, considering it's the 21st century... nevertheless!) I'd placed another of my traps right next to the couch, parallel to the hole, and yet still have caught nothing. No doubt the little guy I battled last night would have eventually succumbed to the secret concoction I'd smeared all over the trap anyway. Still, it's far too discombobulating to wait for the traps to work when I know there's a mouse around. 

After he vanished I pretty much had to wait for him to reveal himself again. I couldn't find him no matter where I looked, and I looked HARD! Finally, after sitting back down and continuing to work for a bit, the little devil darted out from under the TV stand again, only this time our play area had been cleaned up and freed from any stray furnishings that he could hide under. He was fully exposed and in a lot of trouble, if I do say so myself. 

I'm not saying the capture was a smooth affair. It certainly wasn't. It took some deft work with the broom to funnel him into the wastebasket, but eventually I was able to pull it off and get him in there. After that, I wasn't too sure what to do with him. Previous versions of me might have taken him out with the broom, or taken a wrist shot with him out into the forest, but I'm a new man ladies and gentlemen; a man far less comfortable with useless killing, even of tiny intruders. 

In the end, due to the rain, I simply left him out on the front step in the wastebasket. I figured I'd sleep on it and think about where his next chapter in life should take place. I'm not sure capture and imprisonment is any more humane than crushing him with a broom stick; I suppose that'll all depend on the state he's in when I get out there, and what I end up doing with him. 

I think we're going to have to get some cats. Jeannette and her mother are allergic to them, which makes the acquisition a somewhat problematic affair, but I think if we keep them as outside cats that should do the trick on both counts; it keeps them out of the house so Jeannette doesn't have to breathe in their dander, and while they're out there they should be able to take care of the majority of the mice surrounding the house and in the area. Not sure how Hubble will respond to a bunch of new creatures around to chase -and never catch- like the rabbits, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And I won't abide living in a house where I'm chasing after mice every day. 

That's it. Today, the work continues. Getting close to feeling good enough about the show idea I have to pitch it. Still, I'll wait until I'm fully ready. Nothing worse than doing something before you're ready. 

That's assuming you can ever really BE ready...